Finders Keepers AW 2011

Went to the Sydney Finders Keepers market on Friday night for Autumn/Winter 2011. It's on bi-annually and showcases Aussie designers/artists/musos.
This is my 2nd time attending, and I vowed to go a bit earlier to beat the crowds. I arrived about an hour after the markets opened, and it was packed! But definitely well worth it.




Even though I like a variety of styles, after going through my photos I realised I had a bias towards geeky/colourful jewellery on that night.


I'm a sucker for geeky things.

This was the one stall that I knew i had to go to to see if it looks just as good in person as it does online. Rest assured it did deliver. On my lust list is the R2-D2 necklace (his eyes are derived from the classic Super Nintendo controller), the 3d TV & of course the 3d camera.

Candy Hand

The attention to detail at the stall was amazing, each ring was placed on either a pizza pan, picnic basket, or serving platter.

Unfortunately, I discovered this brand a few days after I posted, Wear Your Food.

Jen Hall Designs

The earrings featured have a hand drawn design as well as the cloud brooch. But my personal favourite was the mixed patterns brooch.

Made By White

I love cute earrings and Made By White had a ton of styles. My personal favourites, the rabbit & the owl.


 Home Decor + Paper

In my mind, I've started decorating my dream super cosy inner city pad (that I obviously can't afford) with the cute random finds at the markets.

Scoops Design

Sophie (the designer), initially started Scoops as a hobby but is now working on her range full time.
Really cute collection which is geared towards the young at heart and of course those that are literally young.
I want the mirror bird!

Page Thirty Three

Definitely my favourite find at the market – it’s a ceramic puzzle piece plate.
The guitar is a fly swatter!

Two Layers Of Cells

They have a range of original art designs printed on lamp shades. But the true genius is that they can custom make your chosen print, or for those who are artistically inclined, you can create your own design (as seen on the left)

Paper Boat Press

Amazing ceramic magnets + gift tags with inspirational quotes.


Creative & unique cards, the personal favourite was this one - you rip off the strip of paper and then...

The Lowercase

Bit of a mixed bag, they have cards, prints, paper placemats (that you can draw on), and bedlinen. I loved these cards.


Megan Perkins

Megan traveled from TAS for the markets, her collection consists of water colour paintings, prints, and photographs.



Apologies, too busy browsing the racks than taking photos!
But here are the few we did take.

Mother Maria + Sae Miyazaki

These are 2 different designers from QLD who shared a stall - which had a wonderful vintage, feminine vibe to it.

Roger + Peach

Ra Ra Superstar

Quirky & vintage inspired dresses - this stall had a lot of foot traffic, and it definitely helped that it was straight across from the change rooms.


Gold Stars to....

My dear friend who lugged around her DSLR, and took a photo every time I said 'it's soooo cute! take a photo!'

And of course the amazing designers who let us take photos & take the time to chat.

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