Review–Maybelline New York: Baby Lips

Maybelline NY has come out with their very first lip balm!

I got this fabulous sample of Baby Lips in Anti-Oxidant Berry. I think the last time I used lip balm tubes was in Year 7 (Lipsmackers, anyone?). So I was more than happy to try it out, for old times sake of course!
The balm itself is a VERY pale pink (the image makes it look a lot more pinker than it is), the result is that there is no tint when applied to your lips which is great for everyday use. I also love the smooth & buttery texture when applied.

The balm has a faint scent, and the Berry flavour flavour actually reminded me of the Strawberry Fizzer!clip_image001[10]
Another benefit is that it protects your lips with SPF20, which would be handy in the summer.

There is a mention that it will give you an ‘instant 8hr moisturise,’ it will definitely moisturise your lips but NOT for 8 hours without reapplying.

There are 4 unique flavours which sound more like a Vitamin Water than a typical lip balm.

 clip_image001[8]  Energising Orange
   Smoothing Cherry
   Anti-Oxidant Berry

   Price: $3.99
   Where: usual suspects – Priceline, supermarkets

The Summary

Great as an everyday lip balm and delivers on the moisture, at $4 you can’t really go wrong. The next flavour I want to try is Energising Orange!

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