Wear Your Food – Jewellery

"How surprising that your world view is food-based."
Jack Donaghy to Liz Lemon (30 Rock)

I, like Liz Lemon love food. So why not wear it?

There is the option of taking the subtle sterling silver route (although typically more pricey but will last longer), or jewellery with colour additives - miniatures (cute but look really real) or a tinge of colour.

Sterling Silver

I absolutely love this necklace (almost as much as I love biscuits!) spotted it at Finder Keepers markets about a year ago and absolutely regret not snapping it up.

image_thumb1201_thumbVictoria Mason - Nice Biscuit Necklace $66

Spotted this at Fashion Weekend, this has to be one of the most unique food-related jewellery I’ve come across (or I’m not looking hard enough). I’ve seen a fair bit of pizza & burger jewellery but never the humble noodle box about time it has it’s moment!

Meow-Girl-Chopsticks26Meow Girl – Noodle Box & Chopsticks Necklace $69

This ring is one of the most unique rings I’ve seen, front view is kind of so-so, but then the side view is absolutely what makes the ring. I love the subtlety of the design.

Laura-Tabor-Ice-Cream-Whip-Views3_th[2]Laura Tabor (ASOS - UK) – Ice Cream Whip Ring (SALE) £66

What’s brilliant about this design it manages to capture the ritual of eating gingerbread men (whether you know it or not!). I personally leave the head for last.

zm925---Gingerbreadmen_thumb1ZM925 (Grand Social) – Gingerbread Men Necklace $184.90

Food with Colour Additives

Yes, this looks freakishly real and delicious… definitely keep it away from children!
PetiteCreations-Pancakes_thumb1Petite Miniatures (Etsy – Canada) – Pancakes Earrings $12 USD

What’s cool about this necklace is that the red apple shows the ‘front’ of the house, and when you slide it back, in black & white you get the inside of the house!
image14_thumb_thumb6_thumb7Made By White – Apple Cottage Necklace $49

Even though this post is meant to be about jewellery, I just had to mention this DIY option of literally wearing your food.
Threadless-The-Stain-Collection_thum[2]Threadless (USA) – No Longer Fear Dirt $18

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