Learning How To Let Go… of Clothes


I am a hoarder.

*Hangs my head in shame*

I have clothes that I have owned for well over 2 years, and have probably worn once or not at all, and some with tags still attached!



credit: hoardhouse

I know I’m not the only one, but I do have difficulty ‘letting go’. Here’s why…

  • I paid this much $$$
  • I might wear it someday
  • I might lose weight or tone up, then it’ll look amazing on me
  • It’s still got the tags attached
  • It looks pretty
  • It’s designer

Chances are if you haven’t worn it in the past year – you never will.



Um… Feather Knee Shorts (credit: the fashion police)

Here’s WHY I need to ‘let go’…

  • Style is hideous
  • It’s not flattering
  • It makes me look too young or old
  • It looks cheap
  • It’s bent out of shape
  • It is uncomfortable
  • I don’t feel confident

These unloved clothes are taking up valuable real estate in your closet AND it gives you that annoying pang of guilt whenever you look at it.

Don’t you feel guilty that it’s unloved, and stuffed in the closest with no fresh air?


How to give it a new lease on life…

  • Sell it on eBay, consignment stores, markets or garage sales.
  • Give it to a friend
  • Take it to a clothing swap
  • Donate it – Obvious choices include Salvos and Vinnies. But there’s also Dress for Success where they help those who need help to look professional for interviews.
  • You could get it altered to fit you better (if you’re a talented seamstress this is cheap, if your not, this could get expensive!).  A cheap/easy option is turning jeans into shorts, snip!
  • DIY ideas – such as the Tshirt tote bag or Tshirt quilt


Best opportunities to revamp your wardrobe…

  • End of the season
  • Before you go on a major holiday – especially if you plan on buying a lot of clothes
  • When you need to earn spare cash
  • When your moving out
  • When you have been putting it off


The clear benefits is that it frees up some wardrobe space (making it easier to find the pieces I love), I get gold stars from friends I give it too, and the warm fuzzy feeling of donating to charity.

90% of the stuff I’ve gotten rid of, I’ve forgotten what I’ve actually given away! So it obviously has no value in my life if I kept it. And the 10% I do remember? I have no regrets (so far!).

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