Comic Con Blogger: Barb (When Nerds Attack)

Continuing the unofficial series of interviews with my favourite Comic Con bloggers/lifesavers. Barb runs When Nerds Attack which was to document her first trip to Comic Con, which was only a year ago! Since she is still relatively new, her blog has the perspective of a newbie.


Your blog was created last year to document your first trip to Comic Con, what inspired you to continue blogging?

Being new to the whole thing last year, I knew that there were fans out there that could benefit from some of the advice and tips I learned. It can be very overwhelming to attend San Diego Comic Con. It's supposed to be a fun week but it can be stressful! I honestly never expected the blog to take off like it did but I'm glad it has!

What was the highlight at last year’s Comic Con?

Hmm, that's tough! I'd have to say the whole thing! It was my first which means it'll always be special! It was great to see some of my favorite stars in person and even get to meet a few.

Any lowlights?

I really can't think of any! Since last year was my first everything was very new and exciting! If I had to pick something though I guess it would be the fact that our hotel was in Misson Valley and not Downtown!

Most prized possession from Comic Con?

My autographs and picture with James Marsters!


Have you met any idols at Comic Con?

I wouldn't say "idols" but I've met some of my favorite stars like James Marsters, LL Cool J & Pauley Perrette!

Who are you looking forward to seeing at this year?

I'm hoping to explore more of the exhibit hall/floor and more of the things that go on outside of the Con. There's so much to see and do. I am looking forward to a few panels though like "Grimm" and hopefully "Being Human."

The longest you’ve ever waited in a queue?

If I remember right Thursday we were in line outside the convention center around 5:30am, then once inside we went straight to the line for Ballroom 20 and that first panel wasn't until around 1pm I think! That was the longest wait for sure!

The ONE item you MUST take to Comic Con?

A camera!

A very big thanks to Barb who took the time to take part in the interview!

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