Comic Con: Day 1– The Floor and South Park

Giant Smurf
The first day of Comic Con. So young, so naive.

As much as I tried to prepare. The first day of Comic Con is overwhelming. I could not even fathom how many people there were, where venues and events were held, as well as the amount of walking and queuing is involved.

That being said. Comic Con was definitely one of the best experiences of my life!

While I technically didn’t get to see the panels I wanted to on the first day. I still had a lot of fun walking the floor, people watching and meeting my fellow Comic Conners.

Getting To Floor

The Floor

The floor is the ultimate nerd mecca consisting of hundreds of booths for shopping, shameless promotions, signings, freebies and people watching.
Floor 1

Jeffrey Weissman and Claudia Wells from Back To The Future.

Floor Back To The Future

The line for exclusive toys from Hasbro

Floor Hasbro

Full of amazing life size displays throughout the floor.

My LIttle Pony
Floor 2

The South Park Experience

Only open for 3 days, they transformed a section of San Diego into a South Park winter wonderland!


Best of all it was completely and utterly free, even for non Comic Conners.

Wasn’t that difficult to figure out where it was with these giant balloons of the South Park gang’s faces bobbing up in the air.


Free snow cones were handed out which were inspired by the colourful South Park characters.

Free South Park t-shirts if you checked into Four Square, now I didn’t have a US number so the astronomical cost to ‘simply’ check in was not worth it.

As well as free face painting.

Did I mention it was all free?

Face Painting
SP Face Paint
If you’re a fan, spot the (obvious) error!

Also there was an art gallery which showcased some rare South Park sketches, artwork, photos and memorabilia.

And a decked out South Park school bus.

SP Bus

The experience was a unique addition to Comic Con, especially since it was the only part that took place outdoors and the fantastically sunny San Diego helped!