Comic Con: Day 2 – Robot Chicken

When: 22 July 2012
Where: San Diego Comic Con, USA

Robot Chicken is a stop-motion animated show which is the brainchild of evil geniuses Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. The show consists of parodies based on some of my pop culture favourites: Care Bears, Captain Planet, Lindsay Lohan as well as several Star Wars specials.

It was clearly evident in the panel is that the show has a very loyal/nerdy fan base judging by the number of woots and inside jokes.

Robot Chicken Full
The panel covered the upcoming highlights of season 5, the new DVD as well as celebrating the milestone 100th episode next year.

There was a fantastic costume by 2 attendees who dressed up as Robot Chicken and the Mad Scientist.

RobotChicken Seth takes photo
Seth taking a photo of Breckin with the mad scientist

It was clear that this panel was more for the fans, as almost half of the panel time was for Q & A time while the other half consisted of them making inside jokes as well as Seth verbally tweeting his own review of the panel throughout the actual panel.

Robot Chicken Seth Matt

During the Q & A, it was covered that there is a Chinese restaurant in LA, Kung Pow Bistro that does in fact sell Robot Chicken.

Another highlight was a fan thanking Seth for his contribution as he “made the world a better world for us Gingers.”

Robot Chicken BreckinAn Australian guy asked a question, evidentally his accent was more interesting to Breckin than the question itself judging by the jibes such as “you talk funny’”and of course “a dingo ate my baby.”

Back in Australia, Robot Chicken airs on the Comedy Channel.

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