Comic Con: Day 3 – Dorothy of Oz

Oz PatStraight up, I must admit I was disappointed at this panel as Lea Michele who stars as the title character Dorothy, was not even present.

However, that was short lived as I soon learned this was Sir Patrick Stewart’s first ever Comic Con. He starred in Star Trek as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and that by default makes him an unofficial Comic Con icon.

Considering it’s a 3D animated filmed with musical numbers aimed solely towards children combined with the nerd power of Sir Patrick, the audience consisted of an interesting mix of children, their parents as well as Trekkies. On the panel included Broadway actresses Megan Hilty (Wicked) and Bernadette Peters as well as producers Ryan Carroll and Ronnie Bradford along with author Roger Baum of the book that the film is based on.

Oz Full

It was obvious that music is a big part of the film considering that a number of Broadway actresses were in the cast, as well as the big reveal that Bryan Adams was involved in producing the music.

A highlight was Megan serenading Sir Patrick’s with a sing-a-long rendition of “Happy Birthday,” for his recent 71st birthday with the audience.

Oz Bday

Oz Megan singing
Oz Goku
During the Q & A, the first 'fan' who was dressed as Goku from Dragonball Z started off by complementing Sir Patrick, then proceeded to ask blankly, “can we have b***-sex?” The audience and Sir Patrick all had a moment of ‘what did he just say?’ to all out booing by the audience. This was not an ideal way to start off a panel for children. Once he was kicked out, it got better.

This film is not targeted towards the typical Comic Con attendee, but it was good to have something major for the kids in Hall H, and something for the parents with the presence of Sir Patrick and Broadway stars.

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