Comic Con: Day 4 – The Cleveland Show

The Cleveland Show was right after the Doctor Who panel, with the majority of Whovarians promptly leaving Hall H left which was the perfect chance to land in the front row of Hall H!

It was pretty obvious that The Cleveland Show couldn’t comfortably fill Hall H, considering the show on which it’s based on Family Guy which was actually in a smaller venue along with The Simpsons which are without a doubt are significantly more popular with a dedicated fan base.

Unfortunately co-creater Seth Macfarlene wasn’t there but creators Mike Henry (who voices Cleveland and Rallo) and Rich Appel were. As well as voice actors Sanaa Lathan (Donna Tubbs), Reagan Gomez-Preston (Roberta Tubbs), Kevin Michael Richardson (Cleveland Jr) and writer John Viener.

Comic Con Cleveland full
Cleveland at Comic Con screenshot
Airing a clip from the episode where Cleveland and Junior go to Comic Con, which managed to balance  paying homage to Comic Con as well as poking fun at the attendees. It ticked all the right boxes for the audience: the costumes, the line ups, the dig at Twilight, and best of all a cameo from The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy!

We got to see a preview of the upcoming season which featured a comical rendition of the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Got A Feeling.” The chanting parts were replaced with Junior’s interpretation… “blah blah blah” and it’s kind of disturbing to realise it pretty much sounds the same as the real song.

This panel called for audience participation in the form of a competition of voicing the absent Seth MacFarlane’s character Tim the Bear. So for the audition Cleveland simply asks ‘Why isn’t Seth MacFarlane here today?’ The winner was chosen by cheers from the audience, but somehow the panel got it wrong and picked the guy who cracked up a lot (fair enough) and based on the audience’s reaction had to pick two winners.
CC Cleveland Voice Comp

Their prize? getting up on stage and voicing the character with the script as a souvenir.

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