Comic Con: Day 4 – Doctor Who

By far the biggest panel of the day was Doctor Who, clearly by the packed Hall H and the sheer amount of fans who dressed up! As well as the number of fans who promptly left after the panel was over.

I was lucky enough to catch the 2 stars of Doctor Who, Matt Smith (The Doctor) and Karen Gillian (Amy Pond) at last night’s taping of the Nerdist podcast in a much smaller venue vs. the epic size of Hall H which marked the cast’s first Convention in the US.

Dr Who 2
I found it surprising how big the show actually was, considering it’s a UK show from BBC.
Matt made some lady’s day by simply saying “I love you too” when responding to the scream “I love you Matt!”
Dr Who 1
The highlight was the Q & A, were it was pretty obvious there were many Doctor Who loyalists who asked very specific and niche questions that a Doctor Who fan would know, that was lost on me and sometimes the cast! Questions included calling out specific episodes, the return of the Doctor’s daughter, the Doctor Who phenomenon, and being able to use the Tardis control board intuitively with Matt revealing he was given a manual on how to use it. The best question was whether that the Doctor could ever regenerate into a woman! which was met with a maybe answer.

Dr Who Full
The Q & A session also brought out the costume parade of hard core fans with Matt Smith even commenting on the effort of their fans which included 2 fully costumed Daleks.’ Which not only takes a lot of effort to create the costume… but wear it and lug it around a crowded Comic Con!

Dr Who Dalek
The creative dresses from the ladies!

Two Tardis’ on the left and two Daleks on the right.
Doctor Who airs on ABC in Australia

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