Comic Con: Day 4 – It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

After sitting in Hall H practically all day, I was antsy. But I stuck around for the last panel of the day I wanted to see, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Unfortunately for me, they decided to the premiere episode from Season 7 now while some may consider this a privilege I’d rather see the cast on stage longer during those 20 minutes. The episode covered the dramatic weight gain for Mac and Frank marrying a hooker.

The cast finally made their grand entrance, and it was well worth it! This was the only panel I attended where the panel actually got into the Comic Con spirit by dressing up! They dressed up as their Day Man alter egos from an episode way back in Season 3.

CC Sunny Cast Full Standing
From Left To Right: Rob McElhenney (Mac) as Nightman, Kaitlin Olsen (Sweet Dee) as a Princess, Glenn Howerton as Dayman, Charlie Day as what looks like a yellow suited Willy Wonka, and Danny DeVito as a Troll

While most panels have a combination of the cast as well as the behind the scenes geniuses. What sets this panel apart is that it’s main stars Rob, Glenn and Charlie  are also are ‘slashies’ (unrelated Bruno reference) having a hand in creating, writing and producing the series.

During the panel, they discussed the transformation from Mac to Fat Mac for Rob McElhenney for the upcoming Season 7 who actually gained the weight in real life for the storyline!

CC Sunny Cast Full

CC Charlie DayDuring the Q & A, Charlie got a lot of love from the ladies from a simple ‘love you’ to his acting skills in the film Horrible Bosses. An interesting question regarding Kaitlin’s unique ability to gag and the training that was required. The cast approved of the question which includes her husband Rob but did sympathise for Kaitlin that the question was “hard to swallow.”

The cast teased about an upcoming episode involving kiddie beauty pageant which they said would please fans of the reality show Toddlers and Tiaras as well as… paedophiles.

Last question of the panel, “Can you give us a rendition of Dayman.” Considering they were already dressed for the part they happily obliged to a sing and clap-a-long with the crowd.

CC Dayman
Glenn and Charlie made me feel like I’m the only girl in the world.

Seeing the cast really get into the Comic Con spirit, not take themselves or the show too seriously and most importantly making it about the fans was the perfect way to end the last day of Comic Con!

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