My Pandora Charm Bracelet

Pandora Charms are my equivalent of those damn overpriced Pokemon cards.

Everyone has a vice.

Which brings me to the inspiration of this post, Independent Fashion Bloggers has given the challenge of writing about an item that makes you feel ‘independent.’

These charms help represent significant stages in my life and I will admit some are there to simply look pretty.

It all started with the bracelet which was given to me for the important milestone of my 21st birthday and being officially an adult (I feel like the age 18-20 is just preparation, plus you can’t even legally drink in the US).


The Significant Charms

These charms signify some sort of milestone in my life so far.

This represents me finally getting my license with the freedom of not being solely reliant on free rides and public transport. Plus my car has a similar build of being a box on wheels.

3 years of my life invested to get a piece of paper, this charm as well as a significant student loan debt. Welcome to the real world, you start off with a debt to the government!Graduation

This is the first ever charm I bought to reward myself for getting a steady pay check from getting a ‘real’ job.Money Bag
This was given to me before I did any proper travelling, but great to have as an aspirational charm and soon it will happen! image

The Obvious Charms

Mixed in with my significant charms are the ones i dub ‘the obvious’ which identify who I am (whether I like it or not!).

My name starts with ‘T’ (I did say it was obvious!)

 I was born in the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese Zodiac and it helps that I love rabbits.

I own many more charms but these are the few which have a personal significance that is a reminder of what I’ve achieved, who is important to me and what I aspire for.

What’s (hopefully) Next?

This is probably the ultimate independence as a young adult – moving out!

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