Nerdist Podcast with Doctor Who Cast

When: July 23 2011
Where: 4th and B, San Diego, CA, USA

Nerdist CH
The Nerdist Podcast is hosted by Chris Hardwicke who is the host of the TV show Web Soup and one half of the musical comedy duo Hard ‘N Phirm (who were also at w00tstock).

Wil Wheaton was also another guest who just so happened to be the maestro behind w00tstock. So naturally they reminisced about w00tstock, time at Comic Con and their hosting duties for panels.

Wil & CH

The whole night is all about the Doctor Who cast, with the audience full of Doctor Who fans (Whovians).While the banter before their big arrival was funny, you can tell the fans were getting antsy awaiting their arrival.

Then finally it happened.


Straight away Wil turned into a complete and utter fan boy in their presence as well as proclaiming his love for Karen Gillian.


Chris ‘bragged’ how he gets to semi-regularly see them both planned and unplanned.

Karen revealed she was excited to meet Data (Brett Spiner) from Star Trek and impressed when finding out that Wil was actually friends with him.

Matt Smith and Karen were also shocked to learn about Wil’s past… he was a child star in Stand By Me. As well as brushing over Chris’ past of hosting a non-famous crappy dating show.


I’ve been to television tapings before but never a podcast taping. The night felt like an intimate and low key Comic Con panel. As they have all met before, it was comfortable banter while playing to the audience’s (and Chris and Wil’s) nerdy love of Doctor Who. As well as having the Q & A at the end with of course very specific Doctor Who questions.

Then there was the surprise appearance of the other half of Hard ‘n Phirm, Mike Phirman appeared from the shadows to perform their ‘classic’ “El Corizon.”

Then to end the night, Matt, Karen and company handed out burritos that were packaged with a TARDIS sleeve. Matt and Karen’s stint ended quickly as the rush from the geeks proved to be too risky.


You can listen to the podcast over at the Nerdist.

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