The Start of Comic Con


So let’s start from the beginning….

Comic Con is ALL about queuing!

Ordering the pass online was NOT an easy process with the sale date rescheduled a number of times due to ‘technical difficulties.’ When it came to the real deal, it took about an hour of constant refreshing trying to go to each step of the purchasing process.

Then it came to picking up the badge from a location which was about 30 minutes away from the actual convention centre where Comic Con is held. Fortunately, the shuttle was free. Unfortunately, this was the line once we got there…

This was the outside queue, which took about 30 minutes to get inside the building.


Then came the real queue inside… On the bright side, it was indoors away from the sun on the downside it took well over an hour to finally collect my badge!


What do you get? this massive bag which is about half my body size. A souvenir book and an events guide. And of course your ticket to enjoy it all, the badge.