w00tstock 3.0

When: July 21 2011
Where: Balboa Theatre, San Diego, CA, USA

w00tstock is the ultimate geek gathering that’s NOT Comic Con! It consists of a mixed line up of famous geeks and not so (or not at all) famous geeks. Some references I got, while some were way too geeky for me!

The night is the bizarre brain child of these geeky maestros:
  • Star Trek child star and host for the night Wil Wheaton as in the Wil Wheaton who plays himself on The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon’s nemesis.
  • Adam Savage the co-host of Mythbusters.
  • The comedic musical duo Paul and Storm.

As the night clocked up 4 hours (!), here are my highlights from the night.

Wil Wheaton

After all the niceties of welcoming the gathering of nerds by nerds Wil launches into his heartfelt life story simply titled ‘William ‘f**ing’ Shatner’, he obviously hasn’t moved on.
Intro Wil

Reading aloud an excerpt from his book ‘Just A Geek’, along with the musical accompaniment by Paul & Storm he details the first time he met his childhood hero Star Trek’s Captain Kirk aka William ‘f**ing’ Shatner when he was 16. Who acted nothing but cold, condescending and in a swift moment killed the dreams of a fan boy with the final ‘kick me while I’m down’ statement:
Well, I’d never let a kid (Wil) captain my bridge
Let’s face it, he wouldn’t have this issue if he replaced his childhood hero Captain Kirk with Sulu aka George Takei.

Mike Phirman

Phirm JT
Mike Phirman one half of Hard ‘n Phirm pulled up his best Justin Timberlake duds (including the fedora!), falsetto and moves as well!
He also proceeds to do rap the “Chicken Monkey Duck.” This was amazing to see him performing it live! There was no room to stuff up as the screen behind him was showing the animals featured.

Hard 'n Phirm

Hard ‘n Phirm is the comedic musical duo consisting of Chris Hardwicke and Mike Phirman… get it?

They serenaded the audience with a Spanish song that sounded beautiful and passionate. If you closed your eyes, it would seem and sound romantic but once you find out the translation, it’s not so, put it this way I learnt that the aorta is the largest artery.

Hard N Phirm

Amy Berg’s Lecture

The best part was the surprise appearance of the nerd Goddess Felicia Day the creator/writer/star of The Guild and the icing on top of the awesome cake is that she’s still wearing her Comic Con pass while on stage.

Amy Berg the writer/co-executive producer of Eureka, lectures us on the craft of writing then proceeds to play God by re-writing the current bit which causes Felicia Day and Wil to have a number of ‘forced’ kisses and making the "sexy smart one" from Mythbusters, Grant Imahara magically appear.

Amy Skit

The Pirate Song

The creators Adam, Wil, Paul and Storm joined forces for the infamous finale joined by Jason Finn the drummer for The Presidents of the United States of America.

Pirate Far

It took about 20 minutes of banter which consisted of their inside joke of naming cover bands, for them to properly launch and actually finish the song.

Pirate Close

After 4 hours w00tstock 3.0 at SDCC ended. w00tstock is obviously a work of love by its founding fathers who are just grateful that there are other nerds out there who want to see them on stage for 4 hours!

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