What is this Comic Con You Speak Of?

Over the next few weeks, I’m anticipating wanting to bombard the blog with posts about the San Diego Comic Con. As this will be my first time going, this is simply a case of the blind leading the blind. But I definitely feel the need to educate my readers on the basics while trying to learn more myself.


In Australia, when telling people I’m going to Comic Con people are vaguely familiar with it. Due to minimal exposure through storylines in Entourage (remember Aquaman?) and (of course) The Big Bang Theory.

San Diego Comic Con is an annual 4 day event. They have panels for aspiring and established Comic writers and artists. This year over 100,000 tickets were sold out in less than a day!

The biggest misconception is that it’s all about comics. While it’s in the name itself, it is definitely not the whole event there’s been a definite shift to having more pop culture panels which wouldn’t obviously go hand in hand with Comics or Geek culture such as Glee and Covert Affairs.

The ladies from Glee last year.

This year there has been an emphasis on panels for television programs, here are the few of the many that I’m anticipating:
  • The Simpsons
  • Napoleon Dynamite (a new cartoon!)
  • Community (which unfortunately clashes with the timing of The Simpsons)
  • Family Guy
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Glee

Another ‘big thing’ at Comic Con is Cosplay which involves fans dressing up as their favourite characters.
Credit: Brett Jordan

My biggest surprise? the affordability. It only costs $107 USD for a 4 day pass which includes the booking fee. But that being said, the whole Comic Con experience is expensive when you consider flights, hotels/motels/hostels and shopping.

In Australia, we’ve got the local alternative Supernova that travels the capital in most states with a different line up. It definitely doesn’t have the scale of Comic Con but it’s fantastic to have an affordable local alternative.

So that’s the novice’s round up on what Comic Con is, later in the week I’ll be posting up an interview with the expert Tony Kim who runs Crazy 4 Comic Con.

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