NKOTBSB Live in Concert

When: 6 August 2011
Where: Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Being a tween in the late 90s, I grew up with the boy band phenomenon so of course I had Backstreet Boy’s albums and posters in my room. And later discovering as a young teen, the ‘original’ boy band, New Kids on the Block.

It’d be safe to say that 90% of the audience were women and the smartest thing I’ve ever seen at an arena occurred.

Temp Ladies
That’s right ladies! Some men’s bathrooms for the night were transformed to ladies, there was still a long queue but one can only imagine how it would be without this option.

The support act was Matthew Morrison, better known as Mr. Schue from Glee. Coincidentally I also bought tickets for his headlining concert which was subsequently cancelled so he could join this tour.

MM 1
His set was a mix of songs from his first self-titled solo album including “Summer Rain” as well as songs from Glee, “Sway” and his infamous white boy rap skills were showcased during “Goldigger.”
MM & Ukelele
MM Dance
The lights go down… then I proceeded to hear the loudest screams I’ve ever heard in my life, and they’re all from grown women!

The super boy band NKOTBSB have arrived!


New Kids On the Block

Over 20 years after they released their full album, the full group of New Kids On the Block are not only reunited but still have the moves! Especially during “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” which features their distinctive “oh oh” dance and they still got it!

Under obligation for their loyal fans they went through their greatest hits mixed in with their more recent songs. Unsurprisingly the songs from their peak (late 80s and early 90s) got the loudest screams including “Please Don’t Go Girl,” “Step By Step,” and “Cover Girl.”

NK Upbeat
NK Ballad
Shirtless Donnie
NK Crowd
Nk Ballad

Backstreet Boys
I own more than a few Backstreet Boys albums, yet I was still surprised how many hits they have notched up. They sang all the fan favourites; “Larger Than Life,” “Incomplete,” “As Long As You Love Me,” and my personal favourite, “I Want It That Way.”

All the Backstreet Boys are here, except for Kevin who has officially left the group.

Nick Audience
The Boys picked 4 lucky ladies to get up on stage and be serenaded to “I’ll Never Break Your Heart.”

And yes, there was shaking, smiling, crying combined with astonishment. As well as the jealous looks from every other person in the audience.

Group 1


It wouldn’t be a super boy band concert without the performance of their super boy band single, “Don’t Turn Off The Lights” which is an original song for the group (no mash ups!).

For the finale, they performed a mash up of their superhits “Hangin’ Tough” (NKOTB) and “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” (BSB) both groups wore NBA jerseys from their hometown, the Kids wore Boston Celtics and the Boys wore Orlando Magic.

NKOTB Celtics
After all these years, both groups still put on an impressive show. They can still sing and dance simultaneously. What’s even more impressive that The Kids are now in their 40’s! The show’s setlist was well thought out to give each group an equal amount of stage time and mix up the mood. They knew exactly what to do to make the audience swoon with the right amount of cheesy dance moves, cheesy lines, matching costumes (from ‘street’ to suits), and of course the boy band crotch grab.


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