All-Star Showcase Tour 2012

When: 23 April 2012
Where: Riverside Theatre, Parramatta, NSW, Australia

The All-Star Showcase Tours consist of several international and Aussie comedians, ‘doing their thing’ as a taster of their full show which is part of the Sydney Comedy Festival.

Just like a mixed bag of lollies, it’s full of hits and misses. What was interesting was that the only female comedian in the line up, Deanne Smith actually was a no show, so the night was essentially a sausage fest of male comedians.

First on the chopping block was Scottish Daniel Sloss, straight off the bat he openly called out that he looked very young, and for 21 he really does. So trying to push aside the fact he was born in the 90s, I gave him a chance.

Daniel’s routine consisted of a hybrid of stand up as well as physical comedy, that is, him dry humping air to demonstrate the difference between what he wants the ladies to think and his actual lack of sexual prowess. Even though this is blatantly crass humour, I’ve always been a big fan of self depreciating humour that has a dose of reality so that got a big tick from me.

The most loudest, energetic and confusing entrance was made by Mr Craig Hill. Accompanied by Madonna’s “Hung Up” he proceeded to prance and dance around the whole stage to the bemusement of the audience. For those who are confused, he bluntly confirms that he is gay. Which pretty much gives insight to his shtick, kitted out in a modest t-shirt complemented by a leather look kilt with an accessory that clearly accentuates his manhood, which has his Scottish heritage and his fabulousness covered. He thrives on audience interaction which primarily involves picking on straight men and hitting on them.

With the simple statement, ‘success is my drug’ he had me hooked.  I introduce Ronny Chieng, the hilariously pretentious and condescending former law student, with parents who clearly loved him as he never took real drugs.

The only act of the night that weren’t doing stand up was courtesy of UK comedy troupe, Idiots of Ants. We were treated to an onslaught of intentionally cheesy and nauseating dad jokes as well as the ramifications of taking honey from a bee.

Idiots of Ants Bee

The biggest dud of the night consisted of a nameless comedian who spent the longest few minutes of my life repeatedly re-iterating, "alight…. okay" and that was the whole joke which never grew into being funny. Overall the night was a hit, and a good way to get a taster of an onslaught comedians.

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