Free Comic Book Day 2012

Where: King’s Comics, Kinokuniya in Sydney as well as all good comic book stores!
When: 5 May 2012

Free Comic Book Day is where good comic book stores around the world distribute FREE comic books that are specially created for this day. This is an annual event that occurs on the first Saturday of May.

I arrived to King’s Comics on Pitt St at 9am sharp, for when they actually opened. Turns out there was a long queue of around 100 people to go inside a relatively small store.

So detour to Kinokuniya instead, where there was also a growing line but significantly shorter and the store is at least 7 times bigger than King’s Comics. Sure enough when the store opened, I made it in.

Kino Line

imageThen we were greeted with another line to queue up for the free comic. At Kinokuniya, there was a limit of one comic per person, I picked The Avengers under the assumption that it would ‘sell out’ pretty quickly given the timing with the humongous success of the film.

An added bonus at Kinokuniya was this pack of Star Wars trading cards! as well as 20% off Comics and Manga and I saw a lot of nerds stocking up.

Star Wars cards
Then it was back to King’s Comics, the line was still long with no other choice than to line up.

It was well worth it, as they were giving out The Avengers, The New 52 AND 2 other comics of your choice!

For my choices at King’s Comics, picked the 2-in-1 comic of Bongo (The Simpsons) and Spongebob Squarepants, and with the advice of the staff, picked up the hardcover (!) comic Mouse Guard.


Chatting to the staff, it was obvious to them that this was the busiest day of trading ever with not only the queue outside but wall-to-wall nerds inside the store as well. This combined with 20% off almost everything! (excluding super new comics) so I thought I’d treat myself to Batman earrings, after all it is Free Comic Book Day!

Batman Earrings
Despite all the fun of getting free comic books and shopping, just as exciting was seeing the array of superheroes, villains and nerds throughout the city as well as the confused looks of those who don’t know what’s going on!
Group 2
Power Girl
Two Face

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