Hair Expo 2012

Where: Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre
When: 9-11 June 2012

Hair Expo is an annual 3 day event dedicated to hair!

To start off with this is THE industry event for hair professionals while, the expo is open to the general public to attend (with a ticket of course).

Hair Expo
The horrible weather on Sunday and Monday, made me even more happier to be attending my first Hair Expo, and I honestly did not really know what to expect.

Unfortunately, I did not get to see even half of what I wanted to, there was way too much going on! This expo is jam packed with a mix of events aimed at the public as well as professionals. Throughout the expo floor there are over 100 stalls consisting of shopping, demonstrations, sampling, and various stage shows. As well as throughout the expo, seminars and fashion/hair shows.

Rae Morris Express Make Up Seminar
The first seminar I attended was for Rae Morris, the infamous make up artist and author.

Rae emphasised that it is about making a woman look and feel beautiful rather than trying to create artistic looks. You can tell when a woman feels beautiful when they do not have to ask  how they look, they just know.

Rae understands there is a demand and need for 'express' makeup but she admits the reality is that the best make up normally takes a lot of time, and will not last all day and night with the solution is learn how to easily maintain good make up.
Rae Morris
Here are some of the tips I learnt:
  • Arching eyebrows and bronzer on cheeks will actually make you look older! I trust her, can you believe she’s in her 40’s!
  • To have your make up last longer, remove oil and do not put on moisturiser.
  • Do not underestimate the power of lighting, natural lighting and candles are your friend.
  • Rae advised against using sponges as they ‘suck up’ the foundation, she prefers brushes.

Fusion Presented by L'Oreal Professional Ambassadors

While waiting for the Snowden Hill seminar, it was convenient timing for the L'Oreal Professional photo call to take place!

Loreal 2

Loreal 3

Loreal 1

Back To The Floor

At the launch pad stage, they give up and coming hairdressers their 15 minutes of fame to demonstrate some key looks.

Launch Pad
Launch Pad 2
Launch Pad 1

The Indola stage
Indola 2
Indola 3
Around the expo floor

Schwarzkopf 2
A massive thanks to Maxted Thomas PR for bestowing me with a coveted media pass!


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