Supanova Madman Cosplay Competitions: Day 1

Where: Supanova, Sydney Olympic Park
When: 15-17 June 2012

Supanova hosted The Madman National Cosplay Competition as well as 2 ‘normal’ Madman Cosplay Competitions (one for each day of Supanova).

Wanting to catch as much of the Supanova experience overall, I made sure I attended each session unfortunately could not stick around for all of it due to clashes with other must see seminars.

The Madman National Cosplay Championship Heat

This heat would determine the winner of the NSW State Championship who will then compete to be Australia’s National Cosplay Champion!

This competition included a poor cosplayer falling off the stage! Apparently their fine now.... moving on.

The cosplayers had to not only have an epic costume, but also do a skit. Due to clashes, I managed to catch 2 out of 5 acts which coincidentally turned out to be the runner up and the 3rd placer.

Runner Up
Cosplay 1
3rd Place
Cosplay 2

Cosplay 3

Day 1: Madman Cosplay Competition

Watching a Cosplay competition, is almost like watching a reality TV competition. There are those ‘wow’ moments as well as the not-so-wow moments. Fortunately, the crowd is still polite regardless of how no-so-wow a contestant may be.

For the competition, contestants can enter into either Skit, Group, Costume and Cosplay. While to be far, also separated into advanced and standard. What I found interesting is that ‘Skit’ is the only section where you can wear a bought costume and that big weapons actually need to be checked in!

Here are some of the winners from Day 1:

Winner Best Skit (Standard): Spartans from 300
Unsurprisingly, the ladies love the Spartans and the fact that they danced did not hurt either.

300 Spartans

Best Cosplay (Standard): Prowl from Transformers G1
Unfortunately, she did not transform.


Encouragement Award: Cyberman from Doctor Who
This costume took him 2 years to build!

Doctor Who Cyberman

Best Costume (Standard): Saber from Fate Zero/Fate Stay Night

Fate Zero Saber

Best Cosplay (Advanced): Victoria from Hellsing
The gun was 2 metres high, without a doubt it got checked in.

Hellsing Victoria

Hellsing Victoria 2

Best Skit (Advanced): "Tekken Out The Trash"

This skit was hilariously funny, and they are obviously professional cosplayers.

Unfortunately, they were so active and so many of them I found it difficult to take a decent shot. Maybe next year I'll finally own an SLR!


Even the non-winners had pretty amazing costumes as well!

Avatar The Last Airbender


Happy Feet Penguin

Legend of Zelda

Stay tuned for more coverage of Supanova cosplay!

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