Supanova Seminars: Christopher Lloyd, Vic Mignogna and John Viener

Where: Supanova, Sydney Olympic Park
When: 16 June 2012

Here’s the rundown of the seminars I attended for Day 1 at Supanova Sydney which included Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd, voice actor Vic Mignogna and Family Guy’s John Viener.

Christopher Lloyd

By far, the biggest seminar of Supanova Sydney was for Christopher Lloyd which filled up all the seats, the standing areas, and the big presence of the media. I did get that feeling when his autograph queue was insanely long and they had to cut it off!

Christopher Lloyd

At 73 years of age, he has had an extensive career including Uncle Fester in The Addams Family and of course, Doc Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy. So naturally, a LOT of questions were about the roles he is famous for including tid-bits that he has only had 3 roles with romance involved, one of which was playing Uncle Fester which involved 3 hours in the make up chair. A fun fact that is somewhat related, he is the uncle of Sam Lloyd, who played Ted from Scrubs, and is also one fourth of The Blanks (also known as Ted’s Band or The Worthless Peons).

Christopher Lloyd 2

A fan asked about his advice for becoming a writer, he simply stated that it takes persistence as well as actually showing up.

Vic Mignogna

I must admit, I had no clue who Vic Mignogna was. However, for something different I thought it would be interesting to catch a seminar for a voice actor, I did not regret that choice at all!

Sitting through his seminar, I soon realised that he is a big deal. Out of all the seminars I have attended at Supanova Sydney he by far had the most vocal fan girls judging by the constant squeals.

Vic Mignogna 1

To start off, he has extensive career in providing the vocal talents several anime series which include Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z, and Ouran High School Host Club.

Not only is he a voice actor, he can also sing which he was more than happy to do for his adoring crowd! He barely was on the stage, instead choosing to mingle within the audience to answer their questions face to face.

Vic Mignogna 2

For any aspiring voice actors out there, his advice was that the best way to be a voice actor is to be an actor as well as you need to learn how to act in the first place.

John Viener

John Viener is best known for his work on the animated series Family Guy which he serves as a writer, producer and voice actor. He also voices numerous characters on the Family Guy spinoff, The Cleveland Show and was at Comic Con last year, where I just happened to be in the front row for The Cleveland Show panel!

He discussed his life prior to being a writer of working as a shoe salesmen, a job which he admitted he was terrible at and hated. Whenever someone would ask him how anything in his life was going, such as “Do you have a girlfriend?” he could simply reply “I work in a shoe store.”

John Viener

For Family Guy and The Cleveland Show, I was surprised to find out the massive lag time between the conception of the story to the final product, apparently it takes about a year to make an episode! Considering how current the gags are, it would be safe to assume there are a lot of rewrites along the way.

During the panel, they also showed clips from the upcoming film, Ted which stars Mark Wahlberg who grows up with his ‘real’ teddy bear who just happens to be completely and utterly vulger. Point is, it is NOT for kids. This is another creation from Seth Macfarlene which is also his first feature film. The clips shown are hilarious, and safe to say if you are a fan of Family Guy, you will enjoy Ted.

Stayed tuned for the coverage of Day 2’s seminars.

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