Supanova Seminars: Verne Troyer, Alfie Allen, Callum Blue

Where: Supanova, Sydney Olympic Park
When: 17 June 2012

Here’s the rundown of the seminars I attended for Day 2 at Supanova Sydney which included Austin Power’s Verne Troyer (Mini Me), Smallville’s Callum Blue and Game Of Thrones’ Alfie Allen.

Verne Troyer

imageVerne Troyer has played one of the most iconic characters in pop culture, Mini Me from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Austin Powers in Goldmember.

Verne revealed he has taken some souvenirs from sets including the silver outfit from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and the office furniture built for his size from the Love Guru.

As an actor, he has only been injured was in Austin Powers during a dance sequence, not from his stunt work! His acting career got started by being a stunt double in Baby’s Day Out, as the baby. He is one of the few actors who can truly say “I do all my own stunts.” As it is difficult to find an actor of his stature, with possibly the only other option a doll!

Verne is very open about his stature, and for him it is simply “normal” while ‘we’ are “abnormal” to him as he does not know what it is like to be any other height. He talked about his childhood, where he grew up in a small town (“no pun intended”) and shared how it was difficult as he was picked on, so to retaliate got up and punched a bully!

Verne Troyer 1
He admitted he has already achieved his childhood dream, which is to be what he is now. For his acting career, he tries to stay away from the stereotypes and would love to play the hero or romantic lead. Verne is inspired by his fellow “little people” actors such as Golden Globe winner Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) and Warwick Davis (Life’s Too Short) who has prove ‘we’ can actually be actors.

Verne Troyer 2

Callum Blue

I know Callum Blue as Alex from Secret Diary of a Call Girl as did a lot of ladies, but he is better known to the Supanova crowd as being Zod from Smallville.

Naturally, there were a lot of questions about Zod and Smallville. He revealed that to prepare for the role he had the objective to get “big but not too big,” by having a personal trainer. While his influence to play a villain, was Hitler. He summed it up nicely, that to play Zod it simply involved the “gym and Hitler.”

Callum Blue 2
When asked what his ideal character would be, he then proceeded to claim he was “obsessed” with RuPauls’ Drag Race hence he would want to play a drag queen as he prefers characters who are a bit bit weird and strange and he made it clear that he’s “not into boring characters” (such as the romantic boyfriend role).
Callum Blue 1

There were a few favourites covered which included his favourite superhero is Catwoman (the Michelle Pfeiffer version), his favourite Home and Away character is Alf Stewart, and his favourite musical is Sweeny Todd (not the film version).

And finally if you have every wondered who he would invite to a dinner party, it would not be you. It would be mixed bag consisting of Nina Simone, Janis Joplin, Ryan Gosling, Ghandi and Kate Middleton.

Alfie Allen

A few days before Supanova Sydney, Heroes’ Hayden Panettiere was unable to make it due to scheduling conflicts. While I would have loved to have seen her, Alfie Allen was a pretty good replacement considering how huge Game of Thrones is as well as dropping everything to fly to Australia!

Supanova Sydney marked Alfie’s first time at a pop culture convention, and there were a lot of fans of him as well as the Game of Thrones where he plays Theon Greyjoy.

Like most seminars, a lot of questions were directed to what they are best known for. So here goes.
  • Alfie hopes there will be 7 seasons of Game of Thrones.
  • The best actor on the show is his sister, Gemma Allen.
  • And finally, what’s it like working with naked women, he simply replied' “Great”
Alfie Allen 1

He revealed his inspiration is Jim Carrey who he deems to be underrated as he’s always perceived as the funny guy, while TV shows he enjoys watching include Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, and Black Mirror. 

Some really bizarre questions were asked, if you are a massive Alfie Allen fan/stalker, it might be interesting to know that if he could be any soup the soup would include broad bean, tomato and parmesan. And just for kicks, he would prefer a horse sized duck over 20 duck sized horses. You are welcome.

During the panel it is where it finally clicked that he is Lily Allen’s brother. Even though the sign’s were obvious, I missed the fact that his last name is Allen and one of her songs is “Alfie.”

Here is a random shot of his shoes, because I simply like them.

Alfie Allen Shoes

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