Supanova Sydney 2012: Cosplay Favourites

Where: Sydney Olympic Park
When: 15-17 June 2012
Here are just SOME of my Cosplay favourites from my epic weekend at Supanova Sydney!
Now these highlights are my PERSONAL favourites (sorry if you do not agree) based on either effort, obscurity, creativity and simply just likeing them. These favourites were picked from the expo grounds.

Favourite Posers
Scorpions from Mortal Kombat
I just love the fact they represent the 3 primary colours. Spotted them throughout the expo grounds in the most awesome poses.
Mortal Kombat Scorpions
Favourite ‘Most Uncomfortable’ Costume
Alien from Alien
There were a few cosplayers who dared to wear a head to toe costume. So for our viewing pleasure, they make themselves incredibly uncomfortable battling heat, crowds and the weight of the costume. Alien had the added 'bonus' of wearing a head piece that has a significant weight on the back of the head. Respect.
Favourite Child Cosplayer
Chewbacca from Star Wars
It's a smiling baby dressed as Chewbacca! if you think it’s anything but adorable, please leave.
Chewbacca and Princess Leia
Favourite Darth Vader
Darth Vader from Star Wars
It's a little child dressed up as an evil villain. Enough Said.
Star Wars Darth Vader
Favourite Prop:
Jigsaw and his bike from Saw
It's not easy for a grown man to ride a tiny bike all day!
Saw Jigsaw

Favourite Cuteness
To be honest, have no clue if these girls are channelling a Japanese subculture or are from an anime, but these outfits and poses are adorable! Plus I love their bags.

Favourite Female Cosplayer
Celty from Durarara!! 
It's all about the helmet, during the Madman Cosplay competition she revealed it is actually an old helmet of hers (she can actually ride a motorcycle) and she customised the ears.
Durarara Celty
Favourite Male Cosplayer
Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean This guy not only looks like Captain Jack Sparrow, he embodied the character with authentic mannerisms and drunk swaying enough to put the Disney impersonators to shame.
Pirates Jack Sparrow

Favourite Hybrid
Sim AND Tin Tin
It's Tin Tin as a Sim, with his dog Snowy who's also a Sim - what's not to love!
Tin Tin Sim
Favourite Obscure Character
Manny from Black Books it's definitely not an obvious choice in the midst of Superheroes, Villains and anime characters. Plus Black Books is one of my favourite shows AND 'Manny' is carrying the 'Little Book of Calm.'
Black Books Manny
Favourite Casual Cosplay Look
Adidas Mario
and Adidas Luigi
Considering it's all store bought, I'm just impressed that they have the hat and the hoodies in the exact shade of red and green. Plus they got the height just right.
Mario and Luigi
Favourite Easy Costume
Jim Halpert from The Office
"I'm three hole punch version of Jim. Because you can have me either way: plain white Jim, or three whole punch.”
The Office 3 Hole Punch Jim Halpert
Favourite Childhood Icon
It's Madeline! I have never seen a cosplayer that made me well and truly nostalgic for this underrated cartoon I loved watching.
These are just SOME of the highlights from Sydney Supanova! Stay tuned for more coverage of cosplay from the Madman Cosplay Competitions and Cosplay from each day.

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