7 Tips For A Comic Con n00b

Comic Con San Diego Comic Con is merely one week away!

It marks the almost one year anniversary of my first ever pop culture convention of any kind, and what better way to start than the grand daddy of them all.

Unfortunately this year I will not be attending SDCC, however for us Sydney-siders there is the Manga and Anime expo Smash! to look forward to which is also on July 14.

After surviving one of the most exhausting yet amazing experiences of my life. There are a few simple tips that can help ensure better preparation for not only Comic Con, but also our local alternatives from Supanova to Smash!


1. Plan
To make sure you get the most out of your limited time at any convention, it definitely helps to plan. This is by visiting the official website, facebook and Twitter to find out the schedule as well as any last minute changes.

For any given day if there are panels, seminars and signings you must attend, you really need to plan to ensure you can even get in! The more popular, the more time is spent queuing, which is only worth it if you get in. At Comic Con, for the bigger panels (think The Big Bang Theory, Twilight, Doctor Who) pretty much the only way to guarantee seating is queuing up a few hours prior to the panel. Fortunately, Supanova was not a painful experience, even though there was occasional queuing it was not for very long anyway. Also by advanced planning is is also an opportunity to prioritize what you want to see, as there may be clashes as well as creating back up plans.

2. Wear comfortable shoes
Yes ladies, a convention is NOT the perfect time to wear heels, thongs or flimsy flats!

There is so much walking is involved from getting to the convention itself to walking around the venues and floor. Comfortable shoes are a must!

3. Pack some water and snacks
For any convention, I make sure I pack a lot of snacks such as fruit, muesli bars and crackers. The reason is due to the cost of time. The worst thing is having to leave a panel, a queue or forgo something to relieve the pangs of hunger. By bringing my own food and water, I could simply eat on the go, the queues are the best time to do this.

4. Bring a camera
Make sure the batteries are either new or recharged and that you have enough memory. I experienced battery failure halfway through my first day at Comic Con!

5. Make sure your phone is charged
You are highly unlikely to find a power point anywhere – be prepared!

6. Bring cash
The expo floor is busy, bring cash to make your transaction as quickly as possible.

7. Make friends
This is probably the most important and fun thing – make friends!

This especially helps when queuing, not only is it entertaining to have someone to talk to it is also nice to have a ‘spot minder’ for those pesky bathroom breaks and hunger pangs. You never know who you may meet, whether they may end up becoming your best friend or simply an acquaintance for the day. Making friends is simply the icing on an already awesome convention.

These are my super basic tips to survive any convention. For more Comic Con related tips, I would recommended my favorite Comic Con fansites, Crazy 4 Comic Con and When Nerds Attack.

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