Review – MAC Liquidlast Eye Liner

I thought I loved liquid eyeliners, but MAC’s Liquidlast Eye Liner takes it to the next level.

imageI have being using this eyeliner for almost a year, and it has never failed me! It has amazing lasting power whether it be the day or night. It lasts so long that even after I have taken a shower, it is still there! Or if I get lazy and just happen to fall asleep with it still on, it is there the next morning.

Like any liquid eyeliner, you have to be more cautious in application in comparison to a pencil. However, since this eyeliner tends to stay put after application you really need to be even more cautious to not make mistakes as sometimes a simple swipe to remove the excess does not work and requires more effort to remove than a ‘typical’ liquid eyeliner, so make sure you have water and make up remover handy.

Due to its lasting power it is the perfect solution for really busy days where touch ups are a luxury, and of course the night out.

Also a reminder that MAC has a ‘Back to MAC Program’,  where you are able to return 6 of your used MAC primary packaging containers to a MAC counter in return for a free MAC Lipstick!

Mac Liquidlast Eyeliner
Mac Liquidlast Eyeliner Brush
MAC’s Liquidlast Liner (2.5ml) retails for $35 and is available at MAC stores, MAC Australia, Myer and David Jones.

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