SMASH! Cosplay Part 1

What would a nerd convention be without my favourite thing? I am talking about Cosplay of course!

Now SMASH! is all about Anime and Manga, so unsurprisingly these characters practically owned Darling Harbour for the day. Compared to a ‘typical’ pop culture convention, at SMASH! the conventional Superhero (such as Superman, Batman) is a rare species and not even a Star Wars character in sight!

Enjoy only part 1 of my Cosplay coverage, with more posts to come including coverage of the infamous SMASH! Cosplay Competition.

Cosplay 5
The ‘Cardboard Boy’ is not a cosplay of Minecraft but the lovechild of Sugart and Anime at Abbotsford

Cosplay 27
Uta no Prince-sama
Sengoku Basara
Pirate Pooh
Princess Peach
No More Heroes Bad Girl
Black Butler
Cosplay 7
Macross Frontier Ranka Lee
Card Captor Sakura Syaoran Li
Pokemon Ash and Pikachu
Cosplay 9
Cosplay 8
Charlie Chaplin
Cosplay 1
Cosplay 2
Cosplay 3
Cosplay 16
Harley Quinn and Joker
Sengoku Basara 2

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