SMASH!: Gundam Model Building

SMASH! played host for the search for the Aussie to represent at the Gunpla Builders World Cup and for us mere dabblers in Gundam modelling, Hobbyco hosted a free workshop where they provided us our very own Gundam model to build and take home!

Gunpla Builders World Cup

SMASH! hosted the search for the Australian representative for the Gunpla Builders World Cup which is an international Gundam modeling competition with the winner receiving a trip to Japan to battle it out at the finals.


HobbyCo Gundam Workshop

imageHobbyco hosted free 30 minute workshops for SMASH! attendees to build their very own Gundam model! Unsurprisingly these got pretty busy, even though I got there reasonably early I still had to book in a timeslot to come back later, and it was well worth it!

It looked like everyone got the same kit consisting of 001 Ryubi from Brave Battle Warriors.

Gundam Finished Product
The demo model in the workshop,

I have never build a Gundam model before, but it reminded me of my childhood pastime of having to build those tiny Kinder Surprise models.

After opening the box and realising how many tiny plastic pieces there were, it was a tad overwhelming! with the added complication of the instructions being entirely in Japanese! However despite the language barrier it was still reasonably easy to build thanks to the clear instructions. As well as the SMASH! volunteers to help guide those who needed it (me!).

Gundam Box
Gundam Head

After 30 minutes the designated workshop time, I look up and realise half the table has pretty much finished their model while I, the novice have merely finished the poor guy’s body parts.

Gundam Body Parts

The before and after in his “I’m ready to battle” outfit!


If you are interested to building your very own Gundam model, head over to Hobbyco!

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