SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show 2012

SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show is a Japanese pop culture convention that was held on 14 July 2012 at the Sydney Convention Centre for one day only, with next year’s date of August 10 2013 already locked in!

SMASH! is the first Anime convention I have been to, and it did not disappoint! Even though my Anime knowledge is limited to pretty much the love life of Sailor Moon, I still had a blast.

As did these cosplayers….

Smash Dance

Smash Poster 2012 The big stars of SMASH! 2012 are Japanese voice actors Shin-Ichiro Miki, Yuko Miyamura and Sakura Tange. If your reaction involves a sequel mixed in with heart palpitations, this convention is for you!

However, if your reaction involves a ‘huh?’ there are tons of other things to see and do at SMASH!

My personal favourite at these geek conventions is almost always Cosplay (more posts to follow), but SMASH! also features gaming, shopping to fulfil (almost) any geek’s desires, panels, workshops, karaoke, Maid Cafe’ and more!

SMASH! started back in 2006 at University of New South Wales’ Roundhouse which had 1,400 attendees. The next year it upgraded to Town Hall to attempt to meet the demand, and then ‘finally’ in 2008 it could shine in all it’s glory at the current home of the Sydney Convention Centre.

The growth and obvious enthusiasm from the attendees is impressive, especially when you consider the event is run by VOLUNTEERS who are donating their time and energy for this labour of love. And for that we thank you!

Smash Thomas Munro
The homes of SMASH! from the top: UNSW Roundhouse, Town Hall and currently, the SCC

The President of SMASH! Thomas Munro simply stated that SMASH Needs You.

If you are interested in volunteering for SMASH! whether it be for just a day or lending your mad skills (such as design, marketing,  muscle) please head over to their website to find out more details. Otherwise if volunteering is simply not your thing, leave August 10, 2013 free so you can attend next year’s event!

Smash Volunteer
A massive thanks to SMASH! for hosting a fantastic event and a special thanks to Susan Ma for hooking me up with this:
SMASH! Media Pass

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