The Chronicles of Narnia @ Powerhouse Museum

It has been over a decade since I have been to the Powerhouse Museum!

So what took me out of my hibernation? Coincidentally the wintery world of Narnia, a special exhibition based on the film and book series created by C.S Lewis which is running for a limited time only (12 May – 26 August 2012).

Narnia the Exhibition
Entering the wardrobe, we are then transported to the frozen world of Narnia.

The main interest for me was to see the props and costumes from the film. The favourite had to be the White Witch, seeing the dress and crown up close which were in shades of icy white and blue. As well as her accompanying wand and dagger which were inspired by ice crystal, silver, and onyx.

The White Witch's dress , object from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Exhibition.

The exhibition also featured the ‘battle’ costumes for Peter, Susan and Prince Caspian. There was even one where we could touch the costume to feel how heavy it really was.

Style: "Narnia-Asterius"
The exhibition is geared to be family friendly, which unsurprisingly meant that most of the exhibition was targeted at children.

Unsurprisingly, there was a ‘no photography’ rule within the exhibition which is common for special exhibitions but it is still disappointing considering there were a few good photo opportunities especially on the White Witch’s Frozen Throne!

The Frozen Throne was actually a cold seat (not frozen) for kids and some adults to sit and followed by the pure amazement from the kids that it was actually cold!

Style: "Narnia-Throne"

Then there was the Frozen Falls, which was actually frozen where you can actually touch the wall and surprisingly there were a few ‘deep’ handprints, which makes me wonder how long people actually let their hands touch the ice for!
Frozen waterfall

There were also a few educational messages for the kids focussing on the environment and science which was the perfect fit for the Powerhouse Museum which covered climate change, deforestation, how animals survive winter, as well as changing seasons. Even though the environment is relevant to the wintery Narnia, I did find it somewhat surprising that there did not seem to be a mention of the key theme being the allegory of the story with Christ's crucifixion or if there was, it was obviously easily overlooked.

Chronicles of Narnia

The exhibit runs until August 26 2012. Adult tickets are $17 which includes entry to see the rest of the Powerhouse Museum, to make the most out of your day I would suggest taking advantage and seeing the rest of the Powerhouse Museum which would normally cost $12 anyway.

Thank you to the Powerhouse Museum for granting media access.

Narnia Ticket

Image credits:
Exhibition images - Powerhouse Museum
Film images - Narnia Web

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