Love Lace Exhibition @ Powerhouse Museum

Make Lace Not WarLove Lace is a (massive) exhibition featuring the international winners and finalists of the Powerhouse Museum International Lace Award.

The definition of lace for this exhibition is not limited to fabric, but is broadly defined as an ‘openwork structure whose pattern of spaces is as important as the solid areas.’ Due to this looser interpretation of lace there is a smorgasbord of creativity and interpretations.

Love Lace Entrance

Love Lace 3
Toni Maticevski

Richard Nylon’s String Pictures with Lenses reflects his fascination with the 70s pastime of symmography where string is threaded to make a geometric pattern.

Richard Nylon with String Pictures with Lenses
Kim Lieberman with Tribe

Kristina McCaffrey’s Flash Metal Dress is actually made out of leather.

Kristina McCaffrey with Flash Metal Dress
Luiza Milewicz with Cyanea
Sandra Black with Etched Leaf Vessel

Jenny Pollak’s A Brief History of Time actually uses the text of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species printed on regular office paper.

Jenny Pollak with A Brief History of Time
Sophie Weber and Gretel Stent with Urban Fabric
Bethamy Linton with Heel to Throat

Elise Benjamin’s Cheongsam is the winner of the Fashion and Accessories category. Inspire by her background of being an ABC (Australian-Born Chinese) it represents her struggle with being “too Westernised to be Chinese and too Chinese to be Western” with Cheongsam actually meaning the traditional Chinese cultural dress.

Cheongsam by Elise Benjamin
Tessa Blazey and Alexi Freeman with Neolace Gown
Waltraud Janzen with Boots
Tania Spencer with Intersect 2011
Louise Pinder - Aluminium and Lace Armour
Brigitte Adolph with Venezia
Megan McPherson with Explosion,implosion, Exhale
Griselda Gonzales with Nanduti Lace
Tomy Ka Chun Leung
Linda Galbraith with Steeped in Memory
Cherelyn Brearley with lacqueus mask 2 and gloves

The Love Lace exhibition will run until July 2013 at the Powerhouse Museum.

Thanks to the Powerhouse Musem for providing media access

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