Michelle Phan at Myer Sydney for Lancôme

Infamous self taught make up guru Michelle Phan visited Australia for a brief promotional tour for Lancôme. Sydney fans were treated to a vist from Michelle at Myer Sydney (August 2 2012) where she did a brief talk and also a photo shoot with fans, and she also visited Myer Melbourne.

Michelle is THE example of a entrepreneurial success, creating make up tutorials on Youtube back in 2006 and now in 2012 at the ripe old age of 25, she has now turned this into a full time career which of course includes being the spokesperson for one of the most prestigious cosmetics companies in the world, Lancôme.

Michelle Phan Lancome
She is one of the top 10 Youtubers, having a legion of loyal ‘Phans’ building her following through charismatic, approachable and at times quirky tutorials which range from the natural look, the glam look and even the occasional nerdy inspirations including Sailor Moon and Anime girls! However, her most popular by far is her Lady GaGa videos for Poker Face and Bad Romance which have both reached over 30 million views each!

Described as being the “Justin Bieber of beauty,” seemed pretty fitting as there were girls screaming, crying and clamouring to get a glimpse in the packed Myer on a Thursday night!

Michelle simply stated she loves playing with make up as it is versatile and you can change you can easily and temporarily change your look, unlike a tattoo.

Michelle Phan Talk 2
Specifically for us Aussies, she could not emphasise enough the importance of sunscreen to protect our skin from our harsh sun.

Other words of advice included the importance of your brow shape to suit your face, as well as the emerging popularity of nail art.

Michelle Phan Talk
Fans had the opportunity to take a photo with Michelle with the purchase of either Lancôme’s Glamour Eyes Kit by Michelle Phan or a Lancôme Loves Colour kit. She took the time to chat to each fan with the occasional hug, tear and squeals.

Michelle Phan Photo Shoot 2
In case you're wondering, she is wearing the Rainbow Dragon Dress by Manning Cartell which is available at Myer.

Michelle Phan Photo Shoot 3
Michelle Phan Photo Shoot 4
I discovered Michelle prior to her mega mainstream success, back in the day when she didn’t even talk in her videos! And it has been amazing to watch her continual success doing what she loves and paving the way and creating credibility for other aspiring beauty bloggers and Youtubers alike!

Michelle Phan Smile

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