Student Fashion @ Powerhouse Museum

The Powerhouse Museum is hosting a small exhibition that has existed since 1993 that highlights the work of talented graduates for the year from prestigious Sydney fashion design schools. This year showcased:

  • Madalaine Blythe from the Whitehouse Institute of Design
  • Claudia Adinda of Raffles College of Design and Commerce
  • Anna Langdon from the Fashion Design Studio, TAFE NSW, Sydney Institute
  • Simone Latham from the University of Technology, Sydney

They join the ranks of then former graduates and now famous designers including Dion Lee, Michelle Jank and Toni Maticevski of having the opportunity to showcase their work.

Madalaine Blyth - Gloriana

Fusion of the soft chiffon pieces and leather accessories is the perfect contrast for a beautiful collection.

Madalaine Blyth 1
Madalaine Blyth 2

Claudia Adinda  - Digital Dimensions

Digital Dimensions is inspired by origami with a monochromatic and futuristic interpretation. The long dress is made out of leather, as well as the jacket (bottom picture) being made of patent leather for a structured look.

Claudia Adinda 1
Claudia Adinda 2

Anna Langdon - Arabesque and Kitschfolk und Kindheit

Straight away looking at Anna’s collections, what springs to mind is ‘quirky.’

The Arabesque evening gown inspired by costumes of the Ballets Russes and ancient Middle-Eastern architecture.

Anna Langdon 2
While completely contrasting the Arabesque evening gown is an outfit from the Kitschfolk und Kindheit collection which is inspired by traditional German folk dress and Australian fauna motifs resulting in a quirky hybrid of prints and hand knitting!


Anna Langdon 1

Simone Latham - Reverie

Looking at this collection, it instantly reminded me of the Indian sari with pants. The dresses actually feature digital prints on the Silk Satin with the light dispersed courtesy of the Swarovski crystals.

Simone Latham 2
Simone Latham 1

I look forward to seeing what these designers will create in their promising future, as well as what 2013 will bring for the next lot of graduates!

Thanks to the Powerhouse Musem for providing media access

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