Visit to Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

One of the best things that I love about Sydney is that there are several Museums that are absolutely free to attend!

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia just happens to be my favourite, with this post marking my first visit since the major refurbishment which has been re-opened since March 2012.

MCA Front

My favourite exhibit had to be the room featuring Korean Moon Jars.

Park Young-Sook has created 12 moon jars equal to 12 months in a year, with each jar featuring a unique shape and curves.


While Yeesookyung  utilises the ‘failures’ of Park Young-Sook’s by creating  a magnificent beauty, the Translated Vase which sees the beauty in ugly by accentuating the damage.

MCA Liang Quan - Ancestor's Sea and Yaesookyong - Translated Vase

Pinaree Sanpitak’s Anything Can Break, consists of materials that can do exactly that consisting of handmade glass and paper.

MCA Pinaree Sanpitak - Anything Can Break

Anonymous Creature by El Anatsui, is a massive piece of work which from afar is difficult to distinguish the materials used for his creation. Upon further inspection, it is actually bottle caps inspired by the ‘frightening’ thought about the sheer amount of  liquor that had to be consumed to leave the remains of the humble bottle cap behind.

MCA El Anatsui - Anonymous Creature
MCA El Anatsui - Anonymous Creature 2
MCA El Anatsui - Afor

When seeing Esme Timbery’s Shellworked Slippers, my simple thought was simply admiring the beauty and craftwork however, the inspiration for this art is not so simple, inspired by the personal experience of the Stolen Generation.

MCA Esme Timbery - Shellworked Slippers
MCA Esme Timbery - Shellworked Slippers 2

The Mending Project by Lee Mingwei, is described as an ‘interactive installation’ where attendees can participate by bring clothing that needs to be mended and engaging with the artist(s).

MCA Mending Project

Maria Kozic’s dual sided artwork looks different depending on which angle you look at. From your right it appears to be the Manster – Dorian Grey, while from your left it is in fact the Manster – Wolfman.

MCA Maria Kozic - Manster Wolf Man - Dorian Grey

Here are some more images from my visit…

MCA Arin Rungjang - The Living Are Few But The Dead Are Many
MCA Ah Xian China China
MCA Gade - Ice Buddha
MCA David Noonan - Owl
MCA Gordon Bennett - Untitled
MCA Nick Manga - eXoecoXis
MCA Spiderman
MCA Rebecca Baumann - Automated Colour Field

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