30 Days FAB: Priceline Sisterhood Clubhouse Tour

As part of 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty, Priceline has a travelling Priceline Sister Clubhouse, which is a pink truck nicknamed “Pinky” that is essentially a mobile hair and beauty salon! Pinky is travelling all around Australia primarily in non-metro areas throughout September with the Priceline Princesses who are giving free manicures, hair styling and makeovers all inside the truck!

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I was able to visit Pinky, when it rolled into Erina Fair on the Central Coast.

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Since I arrived fairly early, I was lucky enough to get my nails done by the lovely Mari-Louise Mackey who used Sally Hansen’s “Right Said Red” as well as the “Diamond Shine” for the base and top coats as well as my makeup done by Jessica Bell.

The bus also hosted two talks from one of the Priceline Princesses, Jessica Bell. The talk I attended was about how to create the Smoky Eye, regardless of the look you are going for a lot of these tips and trick are versatile which are:

Priceline Jessica Bell
  • Always conceal last for a smoky eye, especially when doing a really dark smoky eye as it sticks on the concealer and you end up wiping it off anyway which means you have to conceal twice.
  • When applying foundation with a brush, use a cross-hatching motion to avoid streaks.
  • Best way to test foundation in store is to do the stripe test, pick the foundation shade you think you are, as well as one lighter and one darker than that shade. Jessica suggested testing on the chin as you can look directly into the mirror and see how it matches to the neck. She recommended to buy one a few shades darker, as skin tone may change especially if you use fake tan. Other uses for the darker shade is to only use a dab and blend with the lighter shade, use it as a bronzer as well as mixing the darker shade with a moisturiser to create an instant tan.
  • Best way of setting your foundation is with loose powder as it has no binding products in it, while a pressed powder is fine during the day. 
  • Jessica could not speak more highly of Rimmel’s Vinyl Lip Gloss in “Snog” as it suits everyone as well as Maybelline’s Color Tattoo which is a cream gel eye shadow,  waterproof and practically does not budge. Once it sets it is set, cannot be removed with just water you need makeup remover. 
Priceline Products
The Priceline Sister Clubhouse is one of the perks of being a member of the Priceline Sister Club. It is encouraged to also donate to the Priceline Sisterhood (100% of proceeds going towards Look Good… Feel Better), as you are granted access to the Clubhouse to get either a manicure, hair styling or a makeover AND we were treated to a generous goody bag!

30 Days FAB Priceline Sister Clubhouse (6)Priceline Goody Bag
The Priceline Sister Club membership is actually free and allows you to accumulate points for what you spend in store. I have been a member since it was simply called the “Club Card” and was gray, so at least several years (since I was a teenager) and I still use it! Since then there is a new type of membership introduced, which I do not have, called the Beauty Club with a joining fee of $25 which actually gives you a welcome pack worth more than that as well as more generous perks.

To experience the Priceline Sister Clubhouse yourself, Priceline has several more events during 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty which finishes at the end of September. You can find out more at the 30 Days Priceline website.

Thank you to Alicia from ResPublica PR and Priceline