Fifties Fair: Rose Seidler House

2012 marked the 17th birthday of the Fifties Fiar which was held at the Rose Seidler House in Turramurra, an infamous property built in the late 40’s and early 50’s and has since been restored to its 50’s glory.

Rose Seidler House

Fifties Fair Rose Seidler House

The house was open to tour for the attendees to see an authentic Fifties house.


Let’s start off with the perfect photo opportunity, the upstairs balcony thanks to the bright mural.

Rose Seidler House Deck


My favourite room had to be the kitchen, I am in love with the fridge I have a thing for rounded corners.

Rose Seidler House Kitchen


Vintage mixmaster

Rose Seidler House Mixmaster


The simple dining area.


Where the magic happens...

Rose Seidler House Bedroom


By far my favourite discovery was this desk, which is no ordinary desk...

Rose Seidler House Desk


Flip the lid and viola! It has a mirror AND the hidden compartment can house your make up.

Rose Seidler House Desk Open


Fancy a game or two?

Fifties Game

Fifties Game 2


The Rose Seidler House is located at 71 Clissold Road, Wahroonga, NSW 2076 which is open to the public to visit with an admission fee. For more information and times, please visit the Historic Houses Trust website.




I attended the Fifties Fair as a media guest

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