30 Days of FAB: Interview with Priceline's Jessica Bell

Priceline Jessica Bell 1I was able to interview makeup artist Jessica Bell who currently touring  with the Priceline Sister Clubhouse along with the other Priceline Princesses. The Priceline Sister Clubhouse is a touring Pink truck which houses a hair and beauty salon, as well as the host of talks full of tips and tricks from Jessica. You can read about my visit to Pinky here.

Jessica is a makeup maestro, but I was very impressed to learn that Jessica actually built her own website! Yes, I am a nerd. We talked about how she became a makeup artist, her favourite brands, beauty mistakes and fake tanning tips.

How did your career start?

I studied graphic design originally and I really love doing anything artistic. My final piece in school was body painting and photograph it, and I absolutely loved drawing and I enjoy taking it from a 2d canvas to a 3d form. Then i decided graphic design wasn’t for me because I’m not a very solitary person, I like to talk to people.

After graphic design, I did the Victoria University makeup course, which was government funded back then in the day. We learnt all about prosthetics, characters, job situations and fashion shows.

I went to London in 2002, I was only going to go for 6 months and I stayed for 7 years. I worked at Laura Mercier, back in the day when Laura was active in the company and I was really lucky to be taught by her personally and all her philosophies. It was such a blessing to learn from those fantastic celebrity artists, as not a lot of people had that opportunity like I did.

It’s about researching and knowing what’s out there, discovering brands that are mimicking those prestigious brands  that you can buy in Priceline inexpensively.

Priceline Jessica BellWhat are some of your favourite brands at Priceline?

It changes quite frequently, because I do discover certain things as I am doing more of these events. One of the ones that is generically good for me, being one of my favourites throughout this (Priceline Sister Clubhouse tour) is the Models Prefer Eye Brightener because you can use it on it’s own, it’s really good on a fair skin but it’s also fantastic if you mix it in with your existing concealer to give it more of a bright and radiant finish which gives it that light reflective quality.

I just love Maybelline Color Tattoo because I’m travelling around and in the morning we might not get time to get ready. It lasts all day and you can sweat in it,  you can be in a hot climate and it does not budge, it is fabulous! You just need to remove it with either a gentle or an eye makeup remover.

What are some common beauty mistakes?

Not enough cheek colour:
A common mistake is to just to be one colour all over or use a bronzer, a cheek colour is a really good way of making the skin looking more beautiful, radiant and gives your skin a bit of light and a bit of lift as well. You can cheat, do your foundation and then put a lipstick on and take a little bit of lipstick of your lip and just tap it on the cheek.

Overplucking eyebrows:
Just fix with a little bit of pencil or tinting. You can buy tinting kits, but you need to follow the instruction to the minute. There are so many eyebrow pencils out there, and it makes such a massive difference. I really like the Revlon ColorStay Eyebrow Liner because it has a brush on the end. But you can also use matte eye shadows. When picking an eyebrow shade, pick a shade lighter than your natural hair colour. A mistake I see with blondes they tend to put a bit too much orange on the eyebrows, as a lot of eyebrow pencils have an orange (warm) undertone this it makes the eyebrows stand out too much, it needs to be ashy (grey) kind of colour.

You have mentioned you fake tan, how do you avoid being orange?

If you are extremely fair like myself, there are a few brands out there that are more green based. You are not going to come out green, you are just not going to come out orange.

Model Co is one of my favourites that I use personally. I love because you can use the buffing mitt which are good way to put it on really fast. I actually use two at once, and it is easy reach the back as the mitts are bigger than your hands. You can buff it in and actually see where the tan goes and see if you have missed a spot.

I just re-discovered the Dr Lewin’s one is fabulous. It does not have that fake tan smell, but the downside is that it is not tinted so you cannot see where you put it. The upside is that you can use your hands, as it is a slow developing one.

Jessica Bell Makeup
What is your favourite look?

Every girl likes to be really creative, so the high fashion ones are really fun. There’s not really one that I favour the most, I really like doing those beautiful bridal shots as you can be more glamorous and every girl wants to be a bit of a princess, it’s a really good way of being able to show off how to do a natural look but slightly more dramatic.

Obviously the editorial stuff that I like to do is a little bit more high fashion with a sharp eyebrow, really bold colour, really funky backgrounds. But I really love them all.

This (Priceline Sister Clubhouse) is great as I really love teaching about how fun makeup can be. It’s something that I find that in the morning I wake up and I can instantly be creative because I’m applying makeup.

People do ask me how can you be bothered to do that every morning? I just love getting up and playing with my colours, and if I’m in a hurry there are products you can use for when you are in a hurry. It just makes me feel good, and doing an event like this which is geared towards the Look Good… Feel Better charity makes it even more worthwhile because of women who have lost their hair and their features throughout chemotherapy, it is about feeling good and communicating with them how fun makeup is and it is not really scary, and it comes off!

The Priceline Sister Clubhouse will continue to tour Australia during the rest of September as part of 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty where you can take part in makeovers, meet the Priceline Princesses including Jessica as well as have the opportunity to donate to the Priceline Sisterhood which contributes to Look Good… Feel Better.

For more information about Jessica Bell, you can visit her website, like her on Facebook and she is represented by First Impressions Events.