Overview of Animania 2012

AnimaniaAnimania was held over September 22-23 at Australian Technology Park.

This was my first Animania, while my second Anime convention (the first being SMASH!).

My highlight at every event that I fondly refer to as “nerd conventions,” is always Cosplay with the exception of Comic Con. So if you go to Animania purely for Cosplay your enjoyment of the event will be fulfilled. However, if you have a keen interest in panels and activities, while they were available they were sparse. Usually at these events, I always feel like I have missed out on something and kept me wanting more, at Animania I was simply fulfilled.

The activities than Cosplay appreciation (more posts to follow) include…

Crossover Dance Studios Showcase
Dance performances to some of the biggest K-Pop hits as well as a lesson on the biggest K-Pop song to ever actually make it to the Western world, “Gangnam Style” by PSY

Animania - Crossover Dance Studios - Gangnam Style  (1)

Martial Arts Demonstration
Not so much fighting as you would have hoped, it was more of an overview of the techniques

Animania - Martial Arts Demonstration

Voice Actor Panel
The only voice actor guest was Akemi Okamura who has lent her voice to One Piece, The Adventures of Mini-Goddess and CLAMP School Detectives.

Animania - Akemi Okamura

A gathering where people, creatures, characters and the undefinable can sing their hearts out.

Animania - Karaoke

Games Zone
A mix of old school consoles with the new.

Animania - Games Zone

Cosplay Photoshoot
For the Cosplayers, this is their chance to do a professional photoshoot.

Animania -Cosplay PhotoshootAnimania - Photoshoot

Maid Cafe

Animania - Maid Cafe

Asian Ball Jointed Dolls

Animania - Asian Ball Joined Doll (2)Animania - Asian Ball Joined Doll (1)Animania - Asian Ball Joined Doll


Animania - MangaAnimania - Capsule MachineAnimania - Mogo and CoAnimania - Stall

Despite a few hiccups (the first show of the day ran almost 30 minutes late) and sparse lineup as an avid Cosplay appreciator, I still would attend Animania as I am sure a lot of other people would. Even though the event has been running for 10 years, it was no where near as busy as other conventions I have attended which in a way is good thing if you appreciate personal space, not so good if it puts Animania itself in jeopardy.

A major criticism is that the price point was at $40 which is similar to other conventions, however did not offer as much. It would be interesting to see if they marketed this more as a Cosplay event and simply dropped the price to have more attendees (it is all supply versus demand!) which would give them the leeway to not have as many activities running.

Thank you to Animania and Aurora Entertainment for having me as a media guest.

Animania 2012 Media Pass