Animania Sydney September 2012 - Cosplay Favourites

As a Cosplay appreciator, I would like to present to you some of my favourites from all the photos I have taken at Animania Sydney. These favourites are chosen completely and 100% biased based on my personal taste, childhood nostalgia as well as simply the visual amazingness to my eye.

So ladies and gentlemen I present…

Favourite Male

What’s better than Darth Vader? Darth Vader as a Pimp. This is the first and only ever Star Wars character I have ever seen at an Anime convention and not only that, the most original Star Wars Cosplay I have seen ever! Bonus points for the head to be Pimp Purple.

Animania Cosplay - Darth Vader Pimp Star Wars

Favourite Female

I just love the outfit, especially the pink gradient tights and of course the green hair.

Animania Cosplay -  Nurse

Favourite Obscure Creature

I have no clue where this character is from, I am not even quite sure what it is.

Animania Cosplay -  (6)

Favourite Harajuku Girl

I just love the overly “matchy matchy” accessories to this outfit.

Animania Cosplay -  Harajuku Girl

Favourite Group

I love blue and white, shallow reason I know.

Animania Cosplay - Dolls - Rami Aikawa, Ayane Kubou, Yoshino Saeki

Favourite Accessory

These ladies are dressed as characters from Miku Miku Dance with of course the distinctive headphones.

Animania Cosplay -  Miku Miku Dance  -Hatsune Miku

Favourite “I Can’t Believe That Is Actually the Name for an Anime Series”

I present to you the character Stocking from the anime series, Panty and Stocking with a Garterbelt. Yes, that is the actual name of the series.

Animania Cosplay -  Stocking from Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt

Favourite “Thing” From A Game

Fun but uninteresting fact about me, the first ever console I owned was a Nintendo Game Boy which came with Tetris which continues to be one of my favourite games today, while this piece in particular just happened to be one of my least favourites.

Animania Cosplay -  Tetris Piece

Favourite “Not Remotely Related To Anime But I Love It”

Every girl loves the Disney Princesses, here Cinderella managed to even rope in her Prince Charming.

Animania Cosplay - Cinderella and Prince Charming

Favourite Use of Recycling
Utilising the remains of cardboard and foam boxes, these gents presented “Gangdam Style” Cosplay. Like the video itself, it is creative, ridiculous and grabs your attention.
Animania Cosplay - Gangnum Style

Best Before and After

Unlike Weight Watchers, the after actually shows all the weight piled on
Here we have the before, the basic Gundam model and the after on right, the practically immobile but fully built Gundam model.

Animania Cosplay - Gungdam

Favourite Shoes

Yes I stopped some poor random guy and demanded to take a photo of his shoes. These awesome Japanese clogs were purchased on Ebay.

Animania Cosplay - Japanese Clogs

Favourite Sailor Moon Posse

At every Anime convention there are always several Sailor Moons floating about. What makes this group special? They actually managed to get the whole group of 5 to have Sailor Moon and her Guardian Senshi.

Animania Cosplay - Sailor Moon

Favourite Zombie

Nothing better than taking a loved childhood icon and then turning it evil, thank you Gumby Zombie!

Animania Cosplay - Zombie Gumby

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I attended Animania as a media guest