EB Expo 2012 - Wii U Preview

EB Games Expo - Wii U (13)The absolute highlight for me at EB Expo was checking out the brand new Wii U from Nintendo, which will not hit the stores until November 30 in Australia.

This is the most fangirl and ultimate glowing review I have and probably will ever post – so please bear with me, I just simply love Nintendo. My first ever handheld console, which I fondly refer to as the grey brick aka the Game Boy and my first console was the Super Nintendo. And of course now I have the Wii and the DS Lite (broken now, RIP).

Each iteration of a Nintendo console has offered a major evolution. I remember when the NIntendo 64 introduced 3d graphics, now that was major. The newest incarnation, the Wii U includes a wireless Gamepad which consists of a touch screen and physical buttons. TheWith this Gamepad it acts as a controller but the beauty is you can continue to play the game even if the TV is off! Unfortunately, the option was not available to take the Gamepad and try this out, for obvious reasons.

I was pleased to find out that the Wii U is backwards compatible with the Wii with only a few games (I was advised less that 5) may not work, and the controllers as well. The actual console itself is noticeably larger than the Wii and cannot stand upright without the aid of a stand. The launch prices been confirmed at $429 for the premium bundle in black, and $349 for the base bundle in white.
So let’s check out some of the games that will be available with the Wii U

Nintendo Land

1348021092_Wii_U_Nintendo_Land_logo_01The game that comes with the Wii U premium bundle is Nintendo Land which features 12 games with the majority based on existing Nintendo franchises. At EB Expo, available to play were Luigi's Ghost Mansion, The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest, Animal Crossing: Sweet Day and Takamaru's Ninja Castle.

I was able to play Luigi’s Ghost Mansion where you can have up to 5 players using the Wii remotes and the Gamepad. The concept of the game is that the person with the gamepad is the ghost and his aim is to try to find the other players. The catch is on the big screen, the ghost is not visible (only if someone is caught, then he is shown briefly). The other players goal is to not get caught and to scare the ghost using their torch. The other players can ‘sense’ the ghost courtesy of the remote which actually vibrates when near the ghost.

Overall a really fun game, that makes the most of using the Gamepad. Just a tip, if you are the ghost make sure your screen is not visible to others!

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Scribblenauts Unlimited

This was my first time playing Scribblenauts on any platform, and my initial impression is that this is not a conventional game. A major highlight is that you can type a random bunch of words and the game will interpret what that is and plonk it straight into the game! We used “Giant Hipster Banana” and there it was, for some reason it could also fly. As this is more of an adventure game, more time was needed (obviously, not available at an expo) to fully gauge the capacity of the game as well as the Wii U.
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Rayman Legends

For Rayman Legends, it is a multiplayer game. The player with the Gamepad essentially plays the role of assistance or hindrance depending on who the person is.

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Super Mario Bros

Got to play Super Mario Bros briefly, the ultimate Nintendo classic.

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Zombie U

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Here are more shots from Nintendo at EB Expo

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The Wii U is available in Australia on November 30, you can pre-order the console and games now from EB Games

Thank you to Tom from Nintendo Australia for giving us a tour.

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I attended the EB Expo as a media guest