Interview with designer Genevieve Er (This is Genevieve)

imageGenevieve Er is the designer behind This is Genevieve, a fun label which I discovered a few years ago. She is out with her latest collection Underwater Love for Spring/Summer 2012 which is all about bright colours and unique prints. In our interview we talk about her inspiration, her favourite pieces and words of advice for aspiring designers.

As 2012 marks 5 years of your label being launched, do you plan on marking this occasion?

Its really exciting to have reached the 5 year mark! I almost can't believe it! It would be really great to do something special to mark the occasion but we have been working so hard this year that its nearly slipped by. Hopefully I can plan something exciting before the end of the year or if luck is still on our side it would be even better to celebrate at the 10 year mark.


What is the inspiration behind your latest collection Underwater Love?

The inspiration for our summer collection came predominantly from the ocean, our colour palette was inspired by the neon colours of coral, the bright and bold colours of reef fish and the amazing variations in colour of the ocean became the inspiration behind some of our prints.

What are your favourite pieces and print from the Underwater Love collection?

My favourite item from the collection would have to be either the Rainbow 'Field of Dreams' dress or the fluro block coloured shirt dress, 'Electric Pocket Radio'.



My favourite print would be the Capri print, which has various shades of aqua pieced together with placement printed lemons. 

You actually had a career in IT, and made the brave and successful step into a completely different industry. Do you have any advice for aspiring designers?

I would have to say to anyone who wants to be a designer, never give up on your dream and get as much experience as you can working for other people who have succeeded in the industry.

Since you first started, the fashion industry has evolved significantly such as the emergence of fashion bloggers and online retail. How have these changes affected your label?

Coming from an IT background has proven useful in the end with the emergence of online retailing. I embrace and love the change that is occurring in the industry. We have our online store up and running and i love that we have direct contact with our customers. Its also allows us to connect with customers far and wide shipping internationally.

I love the emergence of fashion bloggers. I love the style of Shine by Three, Oracle Fox, Tuula, Gary Pepper, Harper and Harley, Fashion Toast, and the Man Repeller. I am absolutely thrilled when any of them style our designs in their shoots, it’s always so interesting to see how they style and put a look together.


This is Genevieve - Genevieve ErWhen did you have a ‘moment’ that made you think that you have ‘made it’ as a designer? Anything that you still aspire for your brand?

I get an enormous sense of satisfaction every time we finish a sample range and get production in store. However, I still feel like the best is yet to come, there are still so many exciting avenues and things to achieve. I am looking forward to the next 5 years.


What 5 words would you associate with your brand/yourself as a designer?

Eclectic style

Most of your collection features colour – if you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life what would it be?

That’s a pretty depressing thought, but if i had to chose it would be classic white.

  You can shop This is Genevieve’s latest collection Underwater Love at their online store and more stockists can be found here

My personal favourite piece out of the entire collection is this top, “The Power of Two” in Capri print.

Top: The Power of Two (in Capri print)
Shorts: Willow
Thank you to Genevieve and Sweaty Betty PR