My Beautiful Lengths Donation

I was so thrilled when I found out Pantene was bringing the Beautiful Lengths campaign to Australia and made sure it was on my actual “To Do” list (and not my nice “To Do” list!).

Pantene Beautiful Lengths Australia

Now for a moment of vanity.

I. Love. My. Hair.

That being said. I absolutely dread getting my hair cut and definitely do not do it as often as I should simply because I love my hair and fear change – but this is not about my crazy emotional attachment to my hair.

This is about actually doing something I would have to do, and doing it for a good cause. Instead of my hair looking like a hot unwanted mess on the hairdresser’s floor, I actually put it to good use by donating to Beautiful Lengths.

Beautiful Lengths is the campaign to get women to donate their hair to make wigs for women needing cancer treatment in conjunction with the charity Look Good… Feel Better.

To donate your hair does need to follow certain criteria – the most important being you need to donate AT LEAST 20cm and the hair needs to be untreated.

Here is my transformation…


Pantene Beautiful Lengths - The Ladida donation - Before


I actually cut off more than 20cm, hence the hair cut looks much more dramatic!

Pantene Beautiful Lengths - The Ladida donation - After

The immediate benefits are:
  • Hair is much quicker to dry (95% of the time I just let nature dry my hair)
  • Use less shampoo/conditioner
  • Perfect timing to have a shorter hairdo for summer!
  • And of course, someone well deserving will benefit from your donation

How YOU can get involved:

National Donate Your Hair Week commences next Monday (November 12, 2012). The first 100 women to donate their hair at the event at Martin Place in Sydney will receive a free hair cut and some Pantene goodies!

For those who cannot attend this event you can still donate, please see the website for more information.

Please note, this donation was an independent choice with no PR/brand contact until after the hair was cut… and yes, I paid for my haircut.