Platinum Blogger Night

Last Thursday (15 November 2012), Platinum Media and Communications held their first Blogger Night at their office in the Sydney CBD.

I always find it interesting going into other people’s workplaces as I cannot help but do a comparison, is their desk bigger than mine? Yes, size does count when it comes to a desk.

But obviously, that was not the point of my visit. It was to meet the fantastic team from Platinum Media and Communications, fellow bloggers and of course check out some of the goods from their clients!

Us bloggers were treated to a fashion show showcasing Jets swimwear the current Spring/Summer 2012 Collection, “Evolution” – a cool and diverse mix of swimwear against the backdrop of an office!

Here are some of the highlights…

Platinum Blogger Night (24)Platinum Blogger Night (5)Platinum Blogger Night (8)Platinum Blogger Night (15)Platinum Blogger Night (17)Platinum Blogger Night (27)

A gorgeous collection of jewellery from Lotus Mendes

Platinum Blogger Night (25)

As well as checking out the jelly sandals from Holster

Platinum Blogger Night (28)

Then we have the wall of personal care. It was almost like being in a Priceline! The wall housed products from Aveeno, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, and Johnson & Johnson.

Platinum Blogger Night (14)Platinum Blogger Night (33)

To be honest, despite blogging for over a year and a half now, I am actually relatively new to working with PR and being part of the Sydney blogging community. So it was really sweet for the team at PMC to not only host an amazing evening just for bloggers (especially after hours) but to also acknowledge the power of bloggers – as I am just learning how amazing and influential I really am (yes, I am being sarcastic with a slight hint of truth).

Platinum Blogger Night (23)

The team not only put a lot of effort into the night, but also provided a candy bar!

Platinum Blogger Night (31)

Thank you to Platinum Media and Communications and their clients for hosting such a great night.

Platinum Blogger Night (30)


Evangeline @ Makeup Tips Blog said...

This was a great event, had lots of fun and the goodie bag was great! It was lovely to meet you whilst I was in Sydney as well!

Tea said...

Lots of fun, lovely to meet you too, it looks like you made the most out of your stay in Sydney!

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