Review: Legally Blonde the Musical

Lucy Durack as Elle with Bruiser in LEGALLY BLONDE (c)Legally Blonde the musical has finally hit Australia! taking up a temporary residency at the Sydney Lyric Theatre at The Star.

Legally Blonde the musical is based on the film of the same name starring Reese Witherspoon. And while I enjoyed the movie, it was not really my kind of film. Hence my complete and utter surprise of how much I really enjoyed the musical.

Part of me was reluctant to watch to watch the Australian version as I simply already aware of the songs, style and gags courtesy of an MTV Special of the American version, and didn’t want to risk the Australian version not living up my expectations. Fortunately, after the first few bars of “Omigod You Guys” and the sorority sisters popping out of their Delta Nu house – I had a wide grin on my face and that was a good sign of things to come.

This is a fun, hilarious, cheesy and silly musical – all in a good way.

But obviously Legally Blonde would not be to everyone’s taste, especially to those with an aversion to pink. The musical is so delightfully girly, fun and mixed in with a touch of crass, it is definitely very different to any musicals I have ever seen as has the appeal to tap into an audience who may not normally go to musicals and would be perfect for a girls night.

The general plot line of the musical is similar to the movie, as perceived blonde bimbo Elle Woods sets out to prove her ex-boyfriend Warner wrong by getting into Harvard Law School and of course winning him back.

Lucy Durack plays the perpetually perky yet likeable Elle Woods, Lucy has to be commended for the fact the 95% of the time the role requires her to have a big smile plastered on her face for an extremely high energy and ‘positive’ role.

Elle’s ex-boyfriend, Warner who she chases to Harvard is played by Rob Mills and yes, he was the guy from Australian Idol. And yes he can act, and he has clearly established a well deserved career long after the show.

Rob Mills as Warner and Lucy Durack as Elle in LEGALLY BLONDE (c) Jeff Busby
David Harris plays Emmett, the right hand man who helps Elle survive Harvard who has a certain Chris O’Dowd quality for some reason – so massive brownie points just for that alone.

Former Australia’s Next Top Model host and model Erika Heynatz is amazing as Brooke Wyndham the fitness superstar who lands in jail for a crime she claims she did not commit. For her number “Whipped Into Shape,” I was really impressed. The number requires her skipping while simultaneously singing – and she did not falter at all. Not only that, her abs are amazing, part of me hoped that they were ‘painted’ in, but after talking to a crew member they apparently are not. Bitch! (I kid)

Erika Heynatz as Brooke skipping in LEGALLY BLONDE (c) Jeff Busby
The definite highlight for the audience and myself, was the ‘UPS Delivery Guy,’ Kyle played by Mike Snell who really knew how to make an entrance AND exit. He got such a great and enthusiastic reaction, there was a lot of love. Fun fact, my date for the musical, pointed out that the winner of the (barely watched) reality show I Will Survive is in Legally Blonde. It was only until after the show that I realised he was the very impressive Mike Snell.

There were massive collective “awwws” from the audience whenever Bruiser and Rufus graced the stage – they are the cute dogs.

Helen Dallimore as Paulette and Mike Snell as Kyle in LEGALLY BLONDE (c) Jeff Busby
The disappointment from the musical was the inclusion of the blatant product placement for an energy drink which was in the original American version of the musical. For me it was too distracting as I was too busy thinking “I can’t believe they did this during the actual musical .” It is something that could have been left out as it really added nothing to the story, and wasn't even pink! Fortunately the ‘ad’ was short and I quickly got over it.

So back to the positive – my favourite outfit was this sparkly number worn by Elle. This picture in no way does the outfit justice of how insanely sparkly and shiny it was under the bright stage lights.

Lucy Durack as Elle in LEGALLY BLONDE (c) Jeff Busby
I have never been to a musical or show where they so actively encouraged meeting the cast at the stage door – which is fantastic if you want to get your program signed!

Legally Blonde Stage Door
And you can own your very own Bruiser!

Legally Blonde Musical Bruiser Merchandise
Legally Blonde has an indefinite finish date – please see the website for more information.

Where: Sydney Lyric Theatre, The Star

Performance Times:
Tues 7pm
Wed–Sat 8pm

Wed 1pm
Sat 2pm
Sun 3pm
Price: $75.90 - $139.90

1300 795 267 or
Groups of 12 or more (02) 8240 2290

Lucy Durack as Elle in LEGALLY BLONDE (c) Jeff Busby 2

I attended Legally Blonde the musical as a media guest.

Images NOT tagged with the ladida are courtesy of Legally Blonde and Jeff Busby


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