Review: Palmer’s Eventone BB Cream

Palmer’s have recently joined the BB Cream infiltration, launching their very own Palmer’s Eventone BB Cream which proclaims to “Prime, Perfect and Protect” which neatly sums up the purpose of of BB Creams.

Palmer's Eventone BB Cream (1)
BB Creams are essentially an all-in-one cream which primes, moisturisers, acts as a lightweight concealer, has SPF and yes there is more. So essentially a fantastic product when  you are too lazy to do all of the above – which is pretty much all the time for me!

I have never actually used BB Cream before – and to be honest I wish I discovered it sooner. I usually stick to one or two skincare products at a time simply because I try to avoid slapping as much product on my face at the one time. I like to let my skin breathe. So the beauty of the BB Cream is that I only need one product with the multitude of benefits.

The features that appeal to me from Palmer’s Eventone BB Cream is:
  • SPF 15+: as I usually don’t bother with sunscreen unless it is really hot (not good I know!).
  • Primer – Even though apparently it is a crime not to prime… I usually forget or cannot be bothered.
  • Reduced redness
  • Moisturiser – To be honest it did not moisturise as much as I had hoped, however my skin does get notoriously dry, so sometimes I will need to use an additional moisturiser.
  • Tinted – fantastic as it is great to use everyday and even possibly as a foundation/concealer substitute for days when you do not really need to use them.
  • Oil-free – no one likes clogged pores or breakouts!
  • Not tested on animals – Palmer’s proudly claims on its products that it does not test on animals. The fact that really affordable beauty products that work can do this - is absolutely fantastic.

Palmer’s Eventone BB Cream comes in 2 shades:


Palmer's Eventone BB Cream Fair Light (2)


Palmer's Eventone BB Cream Medium Dark (2)
Even though there are 2 shades available, I actually found that I was too dark for Fair/Light and too fair for Medium/Dark. The products individually were both still perfectly usable on my skin, however I would have preferred if there was a product for those of us who are in-between. Fortunately I was sent both shades so of course I could get artistic and blend to suit my skin, however not every “inbetweener” would want to purchase 2 products. If I could only pick one shade, it would be Fair/Light simply because it was the closest to my skin tone and easier to blend.

Fair/Light next to Medium/Dark

Palmer's Eventone BB Cream (12)

The Palmer’s Eventone BB Cream is a really affordable product with my personal favourite benefits of SPF, concealer, reduced redness and a massive timesaver.

RRP: $9.99
Size: 30g
Available: My Chemist and Chemist Warehouse, more stockists in January 2013 please see the Palmer's website

Palmer's Eventone BB Cream (4)

This product was provided for consideration.

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