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Sasha-Rose - War Stories Collection (1)Sasha-Rose recently had a pop up store at District 01 in Surry Hills to showcase her current collection War Stories as well as preview her upcoming collection for Autumn/Winter 2013. During my visit I also had the opportunity to interview the designer herself.

The recurring theme of Sasha Rose’s designs is the use of unique fabrics, “There is always some kind of print, texture or fabric that I am going to bring out that other people haven’t used.”

For Spring/Summer it was all about printed leather. For the upcoming Autumn/Winter season it is all about the Jacquard which she actually found in upholstery shops which is an unconventional fabric for fashion.

Sasha-Rose has put a lot of love into her designs and has such a high level of attention to detail. When it comes to her own designs, she wears them herself and if it doesn’t look good – she simply states “If I don’t want to wear it, then no one else is going to wear it.”

War Stories is her current collection for Spring/Summer 2012, which is inspired by a beautiful blue suede which makes up her Viper Vest Dress which as the name suggests can be worn as a dress or a vest. This piece also just happens to be her favourite and she even kept the sample.

You might also recognise this dress from the title credits of Project Runway Australia 

The front features suede and printed leather trims (collar and pockets), while the back features printed leather.

Sasha-Rose - War Stories Collection (4)Sasha-Rose - War Stories Collection (14)

My personal favourite piece is a toss up between Spitfire Shirt Dress and the Seafire Shirt.

The Spitfire Shirt Dress is in a gorgeous plum, with the back is strategically cut out, so yes ladies you can wear a bra. As well as featuring Sasha-Rose’s signature twist featuring printed leather for the collar and the trim.

Sasha-Rose - War Stories Collection (7)
The Seafire Shirt is similar to the dress, with 2 different versions one featuring leather and the other without.
Yes I love my collars, I love this top especially to wear with a high waisted skirt.

Sasha-Rose - War Stories Collection (11)Sasha-Rose - War Stories Collection (9)

The most popular piece from her collection is the Rosemary Playsuit – once again in this gorgeous plum that I love.

Sasha-Rose - War Stories Collection (5)

The biggest surprise when looking at the collection is the use of printed leather – as the pieces themselves do NOT look like leather.

As evident by Firefly Shorts and Firebrand Mini Skirt.

Sasha-Rose - War Stories Collection (10)
The Firebrand Mini Skirt actually has lining so the skirt will not stretch out.

Sasha-Rose - War Stories Collection (3)

One of her first pieces are these Wallpaper Shorts, where you can see her knack for attention to detail with the fabric cut and sewn specifically for the pattern to be asymmetrical when worn. Sasha-Rose actually wore these shorts down Oxford St with the shop owner flagging her down to see where she got them – and soon enough they were stocked!

Sasha-Rose - Wallpaper Shorts

Here is a sneak peak of her upcoming Winter collection…

My favourite piece is this gorgeous printed leather jacket.

Sasha-Rose - Winter Collection (3)Sasha-Rose - Winter Collection (4)

The leather jacket is also available in black – which she wore on Project Runway Australia.


As well as available in wool

Sasha-Rose - Winter Collection (5)

Blazer featuring wool and leather.

Sasha-Rose - Winter Collection (1)

Her very unique take on Snakeskin Shoes

“With Snakeskin shoes you think of old Italian men but these are very wearable.” These shoes are unisex and come in bright colours as well as black and light brown.

Sasha-Rose - Winter Collection (2)

You can shop the collection at the Sasha-Rose website as well as The Old Scholar.

Connect with Sasha-Rose on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Sasha-Rose - War Stories Collection (2)
Even though Sasha-Rose is only one year into her fashion career –she has accomplished a lot, she is obviously very passionate about designing and I can’t wait to see what is in store for her brand’s future!
“When I first studied I wasn’t ready to start my own brand which I finished in 2008. I was confused about what I wanted to bring to fashion but now I feel a bit more grown up and I know what my style is. I know every that every year it is going to look like this, and I get excited because I know who the Sasha-Rose girl is, which is really hard in fashion in your brand to discover who your girl is.”
You can read my interview with Sasha-Rose here

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