Visit to Sally Burleigh PR (SB PR)

SB PR - Camilla (4)I was recently invited to check out the showroom at Sally Burleigh PR who just recently moved to their brand new headquarters in Surry Hills.

So you know when you go shopping and you want to take a sneaky iPhone picture but you do it so quickly and its blurry? Well in the showroom it felt like my own personal fashionable playground where I could rummage, take my time, really see the clothes and of course take photos!

I virtually left no piece un-turned from some of their clients including Staple the Label, Camilla, Nookie, Mambo, and Palm Beach Collection. A new client for SB PR is couture label J’Aton, unfortunately there was no couture gowns there for me to tip toe around of admire.

Here are the results of a few of my favourite pieces from the SB PR showroom…

From the High Summer collection.

Normally I have an aversion to a lot of colour – but there are always exceptions to this rule and I absolutely fell in love with this collection.

SB PR - Staple The Label (1)SB PR - Staple The Label (4)SB PR - Staple The Label (11)

Whenever I think of Camilla, I ALWAYS think of her being the “Kaftan Queen’ and of course Oprah and her golden seal of approval!

SB PR - CamillaSB PR - Beach House by Camilla - AmalfiSB PR - Camilla (2)SB PR - Camilla - Towel - Dove

Yes, for Big W. I didn’t even realise until I read the price tags!

SB PR - Mambo - Big WSB PR - Mambo - Hat - Big WSB PR - Mambo - Zulu Bikini - Big W

And how cute is this swimsuit? Unfortunately for me – it doesn’t fit!

SB PR - Mambo (4)

A fun collection for Spring/Summer featuring a lot of figure hugging dresses.

SB PR - Nookie - Everything is Illuminated SkirtSB PR - Nookie - Zen Garden Body Con DressSB PR - Nookie - Zen Garden Cheongsam Dress

SB PR - Nookie Beach - Club House Tee DressSB PR - Nookie Beach - Spanish Rose Full PieceSB PR - Nookie Beach

A sneak peak for Autumn/Winter 2013 is this gorgeous jacket – what attracted me to the jacket was of course this gorgeous shade of blue!

SB PR - Braez

This bag will be available for purchase in early 2013 – I love it!

SB PR - George Gina and Lucy

Here’s a spoiler – Palm Beach Collection candles smell amazing.

SB PR - Palm Beach Collection

Thank you to the SB PR team for having me over.


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