Style Rocks: First Birthday

Control the design and control the price

That is the beauty of Style Rocks… an Australian website which lets you customise jewellery by picking the colour, metal, finish and more – with the price adjusting depending on what is selected. Style Rocks is now just over a year old and boasting over 3 trillion combinations of jewellery.

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Style Rocks (30)Before you start imagine a warehouse big and complicated enough to host over 3 trillion combinations – Style Rocks jewellery is made in Australia when ordered and ready in about 3 weeks – after all it has to be made according to what you want!

I was invited to a press showing for Style Rocks to celebrate the one year milestone wtih the brains bringing this brilliant concept to Australia, Pascale Helyar-Moray (Founder and CEO).

Pascale has always loved jewellary. The idea was spawned from her personal frustration of not finding jewellery that was right for her. When she was heavily pregnant with twins and her husband wanted to buy her a gift, being heavily pregnant the thought of wandering around in shops was not an option, while browsing online she found she always wanted to change something. Then she read about a website where you could customise your own jewellery, and so the idea was born to bring the concept to Australia and also a way for her to go back to work and balance family as her previous job in financial services was no longer a compatible lifestyle.

I thought it was really interesting to learn that one of the biggest issues with creating Style Rocks was finding a company with the technical know-how to be able to handle the ‘live’ customisation on the website as well as the social media integration.

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Her favourite piece is the Emerald Cut Sapphire Cocktail Ring as it is a statement piece and also one of their best sellers.


Celebrating the milestone of one year is major for any small business. So what could be happening in the next 5 years? Pascale wants Style Rocks to be the “go-to” jewellery website in Australasia and international expansion, possibly Asia and the US while expanding and constantly innovating the range.

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You can have a play with your own Style Rocks creations on the website, if you are not sure where to start – I recommended using the lucky dip option to see where it may take you!

My favourite 3 pieces…

Style Rocks (28)

Thank you to Style Rocks and LSQUAREDINK for having me as a guest.

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