Back To Work (and Play) Fashion

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I should be a model… I would have exactly $0 to my name.

That is why I have a full-time desk job so I can actually do things… like live and blog.

This has been the only time where my work life and blog life can happily co-exist. All thanks to Target presenting a challenge to a select group of bloggers (yeah, I am special) to present the fashionable yet affordable joys of being Back To Work. Hence, I present to you my first ever ‘style post’ with me actually in front of the camera.

Work and Play

When it comes to my work wardrobe, I try to select pieces that I can wear outside of work hours. Using the Target racks as my playground… I just happened myself grabbing a vast majority of sheer tops, making it a fashionable form of natural selection.

Sheer fabrics work perfectly as they appear more ‘dressy’ than the conventional work shirt. More occasions simply means more options for both for work and play and of course, more bang for your buck.

What I love about sheer tops is that they:
  • work perfectly for after hours
  • barely wrinkle compared to the conventional work shirts
  • perfect for summer thanks to the light fabric
  • are adjustable with the amount of ‘coverage’ on display depending on your personal taste by what you wear (or don’t wear) underneath
  • look a lot more expensive than what I paid!
At Target they have different variations of the sheer top – some I had to even put back on the rack as I realised it exceeded my clothing allowance! The clothing culling was brutal… here are the survivors:

Peter Pan Collar

My absolute favourite piece from Target in store right now is this Tokyo Doll top featuring a unique twist on the Peter Pan collar featuring small bronze studs on the collar and cuffs which I had been eyeing off for awhile.  So sure thing it was the first thing I snapped up!

Target Back To Work - Studded Collar Shirt by Tokyo Doll, Peplum Skirt - Hot Options  (1)Target Back To Work - Studded Collar Shirt - Tokyo Doll, Peplum Skirt - Hot Options  (2)

Colour and Cut-Out

I have never owned or won a piece of clothing that is ‘cut-out’ so yes, imagine my surprise when I was drawn to this top!

Target Back to Work - Shirt with Cut Out Sleeves – Hot Options, Wrap Skirt – Hot Options City Dressing

Shirt with Cut Out Sleeves – Hot Options $35 // Wrap Skirt – Hot Options City Dressing $25 // Lexi Patent Flat Shoes – Targett $40

Simply Sheer

And of course there is the simple sheer top. The more simple something is, the more versatile it may be. For those who are looking to introduce a bit of sheer into their fashionable lives - this would be the baby step.

Target Back to Work - City Shell Top - Hot Options City Dressing,  Wrap Skirt – Hot Options City Dressing

City Shell Top - Hot Options City Dressing $29 // Wrap Skirt – Hot Options City Dressing $25 // Lexi Patent Flat Shoes – Target $40 // Necklace - Target $20

All Work

As much as I love sheer, I do have to recognise that it may not suit every office’s clothing policy and not every variation on sheer could be appropriate for an interview. Fortunately, Target has plenty of corporate/interview appropriate clothing – and you can’t go wrong with the classic white shirt!

Target - White Shirt– City Dressing, Peplum Skirt  with Red Belt – Hot Options

There is something about shopping for work clothes that is practically guilt free. After all, work appropriate clothes are an essential for that job that pays for everything. By finding pieces that are adaptable for outside of work – it just so happens to feed my shopping bug as well.

What do you think about wearing pieces for work and play? 
How do you make your work outfits fashionable for the office?

Leave a comment below!

Happy Shopping!

Note: I contemplated between cute patent flats with bows vs. heels. While flats may be controversial in terms of workplace fashion – the flats obviously won.

This is a sponsored post.
Target has provided the clothing and accessories to create Back to Work looks.
Styling, creative direction, words, and opinions are all mine.

A massive thanks to my super duper friend/photographer.


VirtuaMuser said...

That first shirt is very peculiar, as is most Japanese clothing.

Unknown said...

I love all the looks - honestly not sure about the pink top for work, but maybe I'm a bit more conservative! I really think when it's a corporate job you need to look rather plain ahahhaha!


Tea said...

The brand is Tokyo Doll, but I actually didn't realise how obvious the influence was until you pointed it out! It is my favourite piece :)

Tea said...

Oh thanks Nora, means a lot coming from you :)

I used to think 'corporate' meant suits - until I actually got a job and then realised each workplace has their own take on corporate/office appropriate clothing. So sheer tops in general may not be appropriate for all workplaces :)

Luke said...

Nice clothes here, but what is your head chopped out of the pictures though? The backwards shirt is interesting. Fashion goes over my head though, I always thought it was like colours on clothes and what not. This is cool though.

Tea said...

It's about the clothes not me :)

I love that top, and have actually thought of 'mixing it up' and wearing the buttons on the front.

Luke said...

Wouldn't that just be wearing it normally lol? (no clue about fashion)

Tea said...

Normally yes. But the actual style of this shirt is so you actually wear it with buttons on the back. I like it :)

Rozen Saku said...

Its crazy how Target is getting so much more fashionable and publicly accepted. I love them in winter as they stock amazing knit wear!
I love that Tokyo Doll shirt! Must see if its in store near my house,
Also honey with a figure like yours...... YOU COULD BE A MODEL!
x Sakura

Tea said...

I can't stop raving about the top - really love it!

I'm afraid at 20-something, I'm already over the hill :)

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