My 8 Summer Beauty Essentials

We have just under 2 months of Summer left in Australia which has given me enough time to realise my go-to beauty products as well as those that I should be using but easily forget to during Summer.

These are MY 8 must-have items for Summer primarily for my body’s health… as well as my vanity – after all it is involving beauty!

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an ABSOLUTE MUST for Summer!

Not too proud to admit when I was younger, I was simply too lazy to put on Sunscreen as I was naturally blessed with a decent aversion to sunburns. Then those melanoma ads actually worked and now it is ALWAYS in my bag for the beach.

I have only just been recently introduced to Sunscreen Sprays and I love them! I have been using Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Body Mist SPF 30+ which sprays on ‘clear’ and has a cooling sensation which is especially appreciated on a hot day! I must also admit there is the fun novelty of using a spray.

Even though I have embraced Sunscreen Sprays – I have not completely converted. I still find Sunscreen Lotion handy and I have been using Banana Boat’s Mineral Protect Sensitive SPF 30+, which is perfect for sensitive skin (like mine!) and for those who have experienced a sunburn and may need to use a Sunscreen with a little more TLC.

Summer Beauty Essentials - Sunscreen - Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Spray - Banana Boat Mineral Protect Lotion (1)

Products: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Spray* ($14.99, 140g) and Banana Boat Mineral Protect Lotion* ($15.75, 120g)
2. Face Care with SPF

For everyday, I would recommend using a face care product with SPF for those moments when you pop outside as that extra protection can’t hurt!

It seems like BB Creams are everywhere at the moment – they are popular because they act as several products all in one handy little product. I have been using Palmer’s Eventone BB Cream (previously reviewed here) which has SPF 15 as well as moisturises, primes and is tinted.

For those occasions when you want an non-tinted solution, Aveeno’s Positively Radiant also has SPF 15 and moisturises.

If going to the beach, or will substantial sun exposure I would actually recommend using Sunscreen for stronger protection.

Summer Beauty Essentials - Face Care with SPF - Palmers Eventone BB Cream and Aveeno Positively Radiant
Products: Palmer’s Eventone BB Cream* ($9.99, 30g) and Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturiser with SPF 15** ($19.99, 75mL)

3. Lip Care with SPF

For me, an easily forgotten part of my Summer preparation routine is using a lip product that features SPF. To be honest, I didn’t really recognise the importance compared to sunscreen. Then after a watching Dr Oz (yes, I enjoy watching it!), he simply pointed out that your lips are susceptible to sun damage just as much as the rest of your body, if not more.

The Blistex range is perfect for lip care with sun protection. Their staple product – the Blistex Lip Conditioner with SPF 20 is non-tinted, while for those who prefer a bit of colour there is the new Blistex Lip Radiance with SPF 15.

Summer Beauty Essentials - Lip Balm with SPF - Blistex Lip Conditioner and Blistex Lip Radiance
Products: Blistex Lip Conditioner** ($5.49, 7g) and Blistex Lip Radiance ($5.95)**

4. Bright Nail Polish

Let’s just say I have an ‘extensive’ nail polish collection and I LOVE the fact that Summer is perfectly complemented with my uber bright nails!

Since I typically do not wear a lot of colour – nails are the perfect way for me to unleash my secret colour fetish and if I feel adventurous I might even use more than one and indulge in nail art!

Summer Beauty Essentials - Nail Polish - Australis Acid Rain - Revlon Coastal Surf and Passionate Pink (2)
Products: Revlon Passionate Pink** (16.95),  Revlon Coastal Surf** ($16.95) and Australis Acid Rain [limited edition]** ($7.95)
5. Deodorant

Please wear deodorant. Even if there does not ‘seem’ to be an issue, think of others – especially if you catch public transport.

While the packaging for Nivea’s Invisible deodorant does not exactly scream Summer – it has the very important feature of not staining black or white clothing which eliminates stress and then what you have is a very happy girl.

Summer Beauty Essentials - Deodorant - Nivea Invisible
Product: Nivea Invisible** [Sample size shown] (Full size $4.99, 150mL)
6. Dry Shampoo

The need for dry shampoo may vary depending on your hair type.

My hair gets incredibly greasy without a wash. So hot weather and the beach just tends to accelerate the process of my fabulous head of hair quickly into a hot greasy mess. I find it handy to have dry shampoo with me to help tame the beast.

Summer Beauty Essentials - Dry Shampoo- Batiste  - Blush

Product: Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo* (Travel size pictured $4.95, 50mL $4.95, Full size $9.95, 150mL)

7. Hair Removal

For most of ladies, Summer simply means more maintenance. Normally I would prefer to wax BUT during Summer I bring out the razor to keep up with the growing demand.

The Schick Intuition Naturals razor does not need shaving gel courtesy of the 100% natural aloe and comes with a handy caddy to put in your shower. Which helps avoid those moments when you have one foot out the door and have just realised you have forgotten a very important aspect for personal grooming during Summer…. not that it has ever happened to me or anything.

Summer Beauty Essentials - Schick Intuition Naturals
Product: Schick Intuition Naturals* ($12.49)

8. Water

I feel like it goes without saying BUT sometimes it is quite too easy to forget, or even simply be too lazy to make sure we have water handy to stay hydrated which works wonders for your skin! Even if you look good in a bikini - there is nothing beautiful about being a dehydrated mess!

Summer Beauty Essentials - Water - ASOS

Don’t my Summer Beauty Essentials look like they are having fun in the Sun?

Summer Beauty Essentials (2)

Products marked with * were provided for consideration.
Products marked with ** were gifts.

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This is a good list of summer beauty essentials. I need to buy these products soon because I’m going to prepare my travel bag for my summer getaway.

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